Bob Bennett is out. He’s toast. Dead man walking. Pick your description.Bob Bennett will not be the next Senator for the State of Utah despite Mitt Romney himself going to the Utah State Convention and begging them to re-elect Bennett.Bob Bennett’s political career is finished.How do we know?As I type this, in Utah, Bob Bennett is behind the podium at a press conference he called and is assailing the Club For Growth and out of state interests coming into Utah to attack him, malign him, and beat him.He’s really upset about it. And he is begging Utah Republicans to not do what they have every intention of doing.Bob Bennett would not be calling this press conference if he were not toast. He’s going after the Club for Growth and outsiders not to go on offense, but to set the narrative of his defeat.He will have us all ignore that the bulk of his money for his campaign has come from Washington, DC and lobbying interests, including Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. Pay no attention to the money behind the man behind the curtain.Good riddance.UPDATE: A friend notes that Bennett has taken $651,000 from out of state individuals. On top of that, he’s received $324,000 from the finance and insurance industry (Wall Street), including TARP recipients like Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Citigroup, US Bancorp, and Bank of America. And the recently scandalized Goldman Sachs. He also has received $46,000 from law firms (Lobbyists) and even $3,000 from organized labor.