Barack Obama is headed to “Main Street” this week — that part of the country most particularly getting the shaft because of his policies. Obama is going to declare that fighting Wall Street helps Main Street, despite Wall Street creating the wealth to help Main Street get bank loans.The reason Obama is doing this is simple — small businesses are, according the recently released Pew Poll, the most well respected institutions in America. Obama wants to be seen as helping them.Here is the important catch: Main Street is going to be deeply wounded by the Democrats’ Financial Deform proposal. Why isn’t Wall Street saying anything? Because the regulations won’t hurt most of them. In Obama’s plan, Wall Street will keep getting bailed out by you, me, and the small businesses of America. It is the small businesses that will see interest rates, fees, penalties, and every other small business cost go up.But the GOP has thus far failed to articulate just how destructive Financial Deform will be to Main Street, so they are letting Barack Obama run with it.Meanwhile, and the SEIU are marching on Wall Street. Just last week, Obama told Wall Street he was the only thing standing between CEO’s and pitch forks. He is now going to let MoveOn and SEIU carry some pitch forks to Wall Street to intimidate the few who might say anything critical about him — remember, most of Wall Street will benefit from Financial Deform despite Democratic spin to the contrary.The SEIU’s former President, Patrick Gaspard, is the White House’s political director. We also know the White House is in regular touch with to do its bidding.This is a good cop, bad cop scam designed to shut up both Main Street and Wall Street.The question is whether Republicans will fight.