We haven’t gotten to killing CEO’s just yet, but members of the United States Senate are falling all over themselves in a race to see who can be most abusive to America’s CEO’s. It is probably only a matter of time.It’s also a sadly predictable game.Everyone hates Senators so Senators must go after those they perceive as even less popular than themselves. The scions of industry who really can’t fight back lest they get an SEC investigation or a summons to appear before Henry Waxman generally take the abuse.The latest attack is arguably unconstitutional. A member of the United States Senate wants to take back from CEO’s 5 years of their salary if their business requires financial intervention.The first question should be this one: why would a company ever require financial intervention? They should not.The second question should be this one: what about the takings clause in the Bill of Rights?This is, after all, the CEO’s property. It has been paid to him. If his company does not perform, why are we taking his property? And if we do, why the heck would anyone ever want to be a CEO?It has come to this. A member of the United States Senate showing absolute and utter contempt for the private property of an American citizen — intent on punishing that person, singling him out, if a corporation requires intervention that should never be needed in the first place.The most pathetic thing about this is that the Senator pushing to take the private property of an American citizen who performs badly on the job is Bob Corker, a Republican from Tennessee.Closing Question: If the deficit goes up requiring further intervention from China, can we take the last five years of Bob Corker’s salary?