One of the purposes of a primary is to get everything out there and let the voters of a party pick who they think is the best candidate to beat the Democrat.To do that, voters need the essential information on a candidate. But Dan Coats is hiding some very key essential information from the voters. He does not want it out there until after the primary is over.Why? What is he hiding?Dan Coats is refusing to file his financial disclosure for the Senate. The deadline was weeks ago. At the time, Coats claimed he got bad advice (a pre-cursor of what is to come no doubt) and thought the deadline was different.Still, weeks later and knowing the deadline was weeks ago, Dan Coats has failed to file his disclosure report. Now, even the Democrats are attacking him before the Republican primary, which gives you an indication of just how significant this is.We know that Coats has lobbied for Democrat interests. We know, for example, he lobbied in favor of TARP and the stimulus. He is rumored to have financial interests that will benefit from Obamacare’s passage.But to what extent? What don’t we know. There are lots of questions that can only be answered with his financial disclosures.If Republican primary voters knew about those interests, they might not want Coats representing them. Is that why he’s trying to drag out his disclosure until after the primary?What is Dan Coats hiding?