On this Independence Day, it is time to focus on improving the crop of Republican congressmen by examining some of the remaining Republican primaries.Want the GOP to stand up to Barack Obama?Tired of the GOP cutting deals?Want to make sure the GOP doesn’t back out of full and complete repeal of Obamacare if they sweep in November?Then you absolutely must support these candidates still in Republican primaries.If you care about freedom, here is Freedom’s Slate. These are the candidates guaranteed to restore the GOP’s testicular fortitude.

I would also note that Mark Neumann and Eric Hovde are far superior to Tommy Thompson. While I personally prefer Neumann, given his track record when in the United States House, his campaign seems to be having trouble rebuilding bridges burned in the GOP gubernatorial primary. If Neumann can’t repair those bridges and get momentum, Hovde is far superior to Tommy Thompson and I’d have no problem supporting him.We may add to this list, but it’ll get you started.