On the Lupus Foundation donation bags that arrived in the mail, it is pointed out on the sack that more “people of color” develop Lupus than do Caucasians.

If it is sociopolitical dogma that we only question under threats of charges of heresy that there are no biological differences between the races, then why is such a fact even being pointed out?

Is it somehow more tragic when a minority person becomes ill than a White person who would otherwise be getting what they deserved?

Perhaps it is assumed that minorities are so inherently racist that they are only inclined to assist their own kind and not bestow charity if it were Whites (who it must be assumed never get sick and die since its always boohooed about in the media how minority mortality rates are somehow higher though people of all races end up in the graveyard) who suffered at a higher or at least equal rate.

It is probably hoped that pointing this out will play on liberal White guilt and prompt those ashamed over what they have accomplished as a result of their own hard work and toil to stuff more into the charity bag.

By Frederick Meekins