Inexplicable prior decisions by AG Eric Holder have destroyed trust in his judgment and motives.  As a result, the motives behind every new decision will be reasonably doubted.

Breaking News:

“…the Russian Federation has agreed to release four individuals who are incarcerated in Russia for alleged contact with Western intelligence agencies” in return for the release of 10 Russian spies arrested in America.


“Through this historic investigation and prosecution, we have achieved justice on an international scale that has enhanced the national security of the United States of America.”–Preet Bharara, United States Attorney

This was a ten-year long sleeper cell.  They were arrested earlier this week.  They pled guilty today.  They were sentenced to time served and deported.  After clearing it with President Obama, the DOJ agreed.  That is all.

Questions:  Did we believe they wouldn’t tell us more if we asked more questions over a period of time?  They were here for ten years, under surveillance?  Not under surveillance?  Which?  Who are their contacts?  Do we know?  Why were we in such a hurry to release them?

These are not earthshaking questions.  Maybe the trade needed to be made quickly.  But…

The questions should be given much more weight because of previous questionable decisions and actions by AG Eric Holder and President Obama.

Guantanamo will be closed (someday).

Kaleed Sheik Mohammed will be tried in New York City.  (Or not)

Arizona will be sued.

Black Panther poll terrorists will not be punished.

Christmas bomber and briefs bomber rights should be read immediately.

And not to be forgotten, Marc Rich deserves a pardon.

Now, ten Russian spies are to be deported with only a few hours of questioning.

All these decisions are questionable when taken singly.  As a group, they form a giant red (maybe even Red) flag.  Mr. Attorney General, why were these prisoners released so quickly?  Become transparent.  Tell us.  Why?  Or maybe it’s time for you to go.