Warner Todd Huston  in his “The  GOP cannot win until…” is absolutely correct.  Education is the key.  And there is no doubt about the indoctrination  by the Left,  which actually starts in K-12 and continues through the University. I will argue that the key to the success of the left-indoctrination may  also be the key to counteract it.

The left indoctrination (be it in our current universities or in any Marxist strategy of any time and place) works by distorting the truth. The left is unencumbered by the eight commandment.  In the Marxist ideology the ends justifies the means.  The strategy of distorting the truth in schools and the media has always worked very well for the left. Unlike Europe, and especially Eastern Europe, Americans have little experience of this Marxist strategy.  They don’t see that plain distortion of the truth is at work everywhere in the education enterprise, whether it is by biasing textbooks in K-12, rewriting history, ignoring economic facts, or misrepresenting the embryonic stem cell research potential.

The AAAP (American Association of University Professors) has recently sanctioned that the pursuit of the objective truth is not anymore the goal of a university department. The accepted truth is what the department decides it is. This is now written in their charter.  So, for example, if the Women Studies department declares that   women have been oppressed because of capitalism, that is the truth about the condition of women.

But a University’s mission is the pursuit of the Truth. Thus, to counter the continuing invasion of the left in academia, an essential (and probably effective) strategy is to insist on zero tolerance for distortions of facts and contest each and every claim unsupported by rigorous evidence. We protest when the media distort facts about Sarah Palin. But we don’t protest when university professors distort facts about so many things. We must start doing so.

A possible place to start contesting the increasing amount of truth distortions present in Universities is from the Science and Engineering departments.  They are the most concerned with and sensitive to the truth. I would not start with Physics and Mathematics because, although they would certainly see the importance of the truth issue,  they are already too much left leaning. Engineering is better. Many engineering students don’t have a strong interest in society and so they have not have had a chance to be indoctrinated.  The trouble with them is that they have little time and inclination to devote to university policy. But they could be helped; especially by using social networking and other internet-methods that would make it easy and not time consuming for them to voice their intolerance for truth distortions. They spend all their time in front of computer and it would be easy for them to support a cause just by clicking here and there every once in a while.

Once the movement of protesting for a return to the mission of the University to searching for the Truth gets going, many idealistic students who now fall  for the left  would embrace this ‘rid-us-from-the-liars ’ movement.  For example, if they convinced themselves that ‘professors lied when they said that Bush lied’ it is likely that they,  being idealistic, would turn against the original liars.