AE posted a RedHot today, that leads to this link Back to the Front, an excellent reminder just how wrong the worlds view of this is.

An excerpt from the article:

My job will be to remind journalists that Hamas, not Israel, conquered Gaza and cut it off from the West Bank;

I had completely forgotten this little tid-bit of fact, or rather is was blurred in my aging memory. It is a point not often brought up by anyone in the media, although vauge references are made to the fact that Hamas governs Gaza, while they pity the citizens of that land.

Another great statement in that article:

Last night, while packing my kitbag, I listened as foreign correspondents spoke of Israel’s plan to “divide and conquer” the West Bank and Gaza Arabs, that Israel had “starved” and “strangled” Gazans and forced them to lash out with missiles, and that Gaza is “the world’s most densely populated area.”

Soon, the entire world will be quoting that mis-statement “Gazans are forced to lash out with missiles” that has been made by many correspondents, but we are reminded by Professor Oren that it is the reverse that is the truth.

Oh, those brutal Israelis, how I love them so!