Many had great hopes for this man, that he was going to be a leader; make intelligent informed decisions and lead this country as it should be led. I am not one of those, although there a millions who still think that way.

A statement made today by this leader of the most powerful nation in the world has only confirmed my suspicions about is utter and complete lack of understanding of what is going on in the world.

It became exceedingly clear to me that we are NOT heading down a different road, that we are not going to see prosperity anytime soon and we are just going to get more of the same old thing. I never thought for a moment that he would change and make the right decisions regarding our economy and restoring this country to the economic powerhouse it was and still can be.

It became exceedingly clear when I saw this photo posted on the Drudge Report with the caption so eloquently stated, and I present that portrait to you now as a shining example of a “Failed President.” What is unique about this failure, is that this man has yet to assume the role of our leader, yet he has clearly failed as a leader.

Jennifer Loven, White House Correspondent for the Associated Press filed this story, and should have titled it as Matt Drudge did.

Some excerpts from this article:

Since his November election, Obama has deferred to President George W. Bush on foreign policy matters such as the Middle East. But, with the worsening of the economic situation, Obama has waded deeply into domestic issues as he works to generate support for his plan to create jobs and jolt the economy into recovery.

In the speech at George Mason University outside Washington, Obama asked Congress to work with him “day and night, on weekends if necessary” to pass a revival plan within the next few weeks so that it can be ready for his signature shortly after he takes office on Jan. 20.

He wants to be a hero on day 1 of his Presidency and yet he has no idea of the consequences of his idea.

Spend Our Way Out of This

That is his idea of ending the recession that grips this nation, and seemingly deepens daily. How do we pay for all this spending? Print more money, so what little we have now is worth even less?

Spend Our Way Out of This

Faced with a possible $1.2 Trillion Dollar deficit from the current budget year, how can the taxpayers of this country afford his spending spree? He proposes a tax-cut, yet wants to spend more. I am not as educated in finance as many of our esteemed team members here at Red State. I am a rather simple man with a small business and when times are slow, I don’t tell my wife to go out and spend our way back to prosperity.

The president-elect cast blame on “an era of profound irresponsibility that stretched from corporate boardrooms to the halls of power in Washington.” But he added, “The very fact that this crisis is largely of our own making means that it is not beyond our ability to solve.”

Mr. Soon-To-Be President, that “era of profound irresponsibility” is exactly the same tactic you now propose to rescue our economy.

Still, his remarks shed no new light on the details of his plan that could cost as much as $775 billion over two years in tax cuts and spending. And, he said little about the unprecedented red ink and rising debt confronting the government, even after spending days reassuring the public and Congress that he is committed to tackling long-term deficits after the economy rebounds.

Spend Our Way Out of This

Ms. Loven, that last paragraph I just quoted shows that your not paying attention. Rather, the answer is in bold print just above this sentence. He is going to Spend Our Way Out of This,

Why, oh why Mr. Soon-To-Be President, haven’t you learned from the great financial minds of our past and present. The way out of this is so clear to most of us, why is it clouded from your mind. You profess to be a man of change, then change your manta from Spend Our Way Out of This to Let the Free Market Show Us the Way Out of This.

I am all for your tax-cuts, keep them coming. THAT is what will show us the way out of this. Your proposal will only bleed us dry, and your tax-cuts will be meaningless, because they will be followed by a round of very sharp tax increases.

Mr. Soon-To-Be President, you have failed before you have even begun.