The socialist spread-the-wealth message was the real news. But instead of covering what Obama said, the MSM are examining and trashing Joe W. In two days we will know more about Joe the Plumber than we know about Barack Obama. We know Joe’s union status, but we don’t know Obama’s grades in Columbia and Harvard. We know Joe’s complete financial history, but we don’t know Obama’s personal dealings with Rezco and ACORN.

This started with questions on how many houses McCain owns. McCain’s response should have been

“I’m not sure, could be seven or eight. Can I count the Capitol, my second home. Plus, whatever number we own, at least we paid for them with our own money.”

Then it went to Governor Sarah Palin’s history as mayor through governor. When questioned on her career, I wish she had responded:

I’ve won two elections to two offices, just like Mr. Obama. However, mine were for executive positions, the kind of office that a President holds. Plus, I never needed to undermine the election process by challenging petition signatures and exposing sealed custody hearing transcripts of my opponent.

It amuses me that Mr. Obama accused his first opponent for the State Senate of fraudulently getting ballot petitions, and now he pays money to organizations whose officers have been convicted of fraud related to voter registrations. Also, isn’t the financially troubled Joe the Plumber just the kind of American that the populist-socialist Obama is supposed to be helping?

Here is a blog by Danny Glover linked at Michelle Malkin’s site today that discusses this issue of the drive-by media and Joe the Plumber, in which Danny states the same conclusion as mine: the news is socialism.

This time around, with Joe The Plumber as their target, the MSM is coming out with guns blazing. Maybe they should spend more time telling the bigger story about Wurzelbacher — that he managed to get Obama on the public record as favoring a socialistic redistribution of wealth.