For now, I won’t comment on how the replacement of Senators goes: white woman for white woman (D-NY), white man for white man (D-DE), and black man for black man (D-IL). You know those stories. Even the “cannot-have-a-white-man-as-secretary-of-state” philosophy. These stories, while embarrassing to some, are true and the facts cannot be argued. But I am now told by my US Senator Mel Martinez, that we actually have specific positions in government for minorities.

I emailed my Sen. Mel Martinez (RINO-FL) about his recent statements that Eric Holder was a qualified candidate for AG and that he would support his nomination. In my letter, I told him that
Andrew McCarthy was a member of the Department of Justice under Eric Holder. Andy had prosecuted the 1993 World Trade Center Bombings. He knows what happened during the Clinton Admin under Holder. (He wrote an excellent book on Jihad too: Willful Blindness, a must-read.) And I referred the senator to Andy’s recent column about his knowledge of the pardon processing for Rich at the end of the Clinton years with Deputy AG Holder. Plus, we all know how Holder admitted he screwed up, and learned a lesson and will be a better person because of his past actions. (now, this sounds more like a defendant’s plea to a judge than an applicant for the top law prosecutor in the USA.)

Sen.  Martinez’s response had the usual drivel about a president getting the cabinet he wants (which applies to Dems only, but Mel missed that). He also said how Mr. Holder would  be “the first African-American Attorney General of the United States.” Strange way to put it. I just had to respond to Mel: “Holder will simply be THE US Attorney General. We don’t have separate slots for blacks and whites in the government, unless you’ve forgotten.” I could also say that isn’t it great that we now have the first five-figure tax cheat running the IRS. Is that a good thing too? Does that say how far we’ve come for meting out mercy for criminals’ rights in our country?

Now, maybe I should have asked to get into the safety tree before I started this diary (having learned the phrase from Glenn Beck).  But I am really started to get miffed with all this first-this and first-that stuff. We are all equal here, and we do not judge others by the color of their skin. I think I remember some words being re-played on January 19th along those lines. I think it was Rush or Glenn who said the other day that Barack Obama is simply the POTUS, not the African-American POTUS. He is simply the POTUS. That’s it. It is the division of the American people into all these special groups that brings us down, and the liberals have used this division masterfully to achieve power. We conservatives need to continue to avoid this whole mess. By the way, Gonzalez was the first Hispanic AG, and don’t remember anyone saying how great that was.