Please visit and help Col. Allen West’s campaign for US Congress, FL-22.

Col. West appeared on Hannity tonight. His website has been up reliably, but during his interview with Hannity, this was the response

While web admins may hate that, as a West Patriot, I liked that. Let’s send this American patriot and retired colonel to DC. The FL-22 district includes the Palm Beaches (yes, I think he’d be Rush’s Congressman) so you know the battle is a tough one.

In case you are not in the 2 million people who have not seen this Col. West video, enjoy this:

You can also see pose a question to a panel at the Reclaim American Liberty conference in New York, and watch as everyone ducks the question, except one. That man, my friends, is a leader.

Sure, Col. West has a past. The left no doubt will bring up the events in 2003 that brought upon the closure of his distinguished military career.

An American officer has been stripped of his command after pleading guilty to assaulting an Iraqi detainee during interrogation, the military announced yesterday.

A disciplinary proceeding found that the actions by Lieutenant Colonel Allen West were serious enough to “merit a court-martial.” But the military said in a statement that mitigating circumstances — specifically, the “stressful environment” of combat — and West’s distinguished service record prompted the Army to instead relieve West of his command, fine him $5,000, and order him back to the United States, where he will be allowed to retire.

“Frustration and anger overcame his professional ethics and personal values, and he performed what he knew to be illegal and immoral acts,” said the statement issued by the Army’s Fourth Infantry Division.

During a closed-door tribunal Friday in the town of Tikrit, West was found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault and a single count of communicating a threat. The ruling was issued after West pleaded guilty to misconduct.

He is the most senior officer to receive disciplinary action since the start of the war. West served as a battalion commander with the Fourth Infantry Division and was in charge of about 800 soldiers operating in one of the most dangerous regions in Iraq. For the past few months, he has been confined to the division’s base in Tikrit.

But I have to believe that his actions were very understandable, and his concern for the men under his command, the sons and fathers of America, “about 800 soldiers operating in one of the most dangerous regions in Iraq”, was admirable and correct. Good leaders make decisions and take the consequences; bad leaders blame others (like their predecessor). Good leaders know where the buck stops, and who can make the best informed decision.

I want good leaders in my Congress and the White House. Please support Allen West for Congress (R-FL-22).