The Obama Administration tried to hide the results of their blue-ribbon task force Gitmo study by releasing the results a week ago Friday, just prior to the Memorial Day Weekend. Fortunately, Marc Thiessen was listening.

For years the left has spun the myth that hundreds of Guantanamo detainees are really innocent goatherds and dirt farmers wrongly swept up in the war on terror. In an interview last year, Admiral A.T. Church III — the former Navy inspector general who investigated detainee treatment Guantanamo — told me this charge was “bull crap.” As Church put it, “There may have been a couple of those, but most of these guys would slit your throat in a second. Most of them are very dangerous guys.”

Now an official investigation conducted by the Obama administration — and unanimously approved by departments of Defense, State, Justice and Homeland Security, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence — has concluded that Church was right.

The task force study shows that 95 percent of detainees belong at Gitmo. Furthermore, Thiessen notes that:

The task force’s report was finished in January, but the White House knew that releasing it as the president’s deadline to close Guantanamo came and went would have been a public relations disaster. Now the White House has turned it into a public relations trifecta: It kept the findings secret for nearly four months; placed them in the Saturday papers over Memorial Day weekend; and spun the story as a vindication of its position on Guantanamo.

So much for the transparent and honest nature of an executive branch that Obama promised. So, the next time the motive of some Obama decision is in question (like, why is Gitmo still open?), look back at Friday press releases over previous month or two. There, missed by those experts in the MSM, pearls may be found.