So I am continuing through the bill, page 93 — Subtitle C.

GM has announced a 230 mpg hybrid that can plug into your house. Nice thing … same socket as your electric mower or chainsaw. (The first is silly; I own the second, and it is handy.)

But the Bill provides all sorts of “assistance” to build out electric charging stations that are NOT your home, and provides even MORE subsidies to car makers:

(c) APPLICATIONS.—Any State, Indian tribe, or local government (or group of State, Indian tribe, or local governments) may apply to the Secretary of Energy for financial assistance in furthering the regional deployment and integration into the electricity grid of plug-in electric drive vehicles.

The Secretary of Energy shall establish a program to provide financial assistance to automobile manufacturers to facilitate the manufacture of plug-in electric drive vehicles

(h) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.—There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as are necessary to carry out this section.

OH! I forgot part:

…include, to the extent feasible, the ability for each plug-in electric drive vehicle to be identified individually and to be associated with its owner’s electric utility account, regardless of the location that the vehicle is plugged in, for purposes of appropriate billing for any electricity required to charge the vehicle’s batteries as well as any crediting for electricity provided to the electric utility from the vehicle’s batteries

So, “Cap and Trade” will subsidize just about anybody (in Government) to install electrical outlets, will FURTHER subsidize the auto industry, and will track each and every electric vehicle, its owner(s), and their UTILITY ACCOUNTS … so your utility company can bill you where ever you are!

My apologies: the above were in the next 30 pages of the bill, after the first 100. So I’m falling behind.

PS to my earlier note … If the Government wants us to pump CO2 into the ground, why do they specifically PROHIBIT any credit for doing it to recover oil? Unless there is a potential seltzer bottle lobby, oil recovery is the ONLY commercial use for millions of tonnes of CO2.