Not for the simple fact that lapdog liberal (and Athens, Georgia-area) carpetbagger Congressman John Barrow remains in congress and supports Nancy Pelosi when it matters most (as in most of the time and when voting for Speaker), I am beyond fed up and TEA’d off that snake-oil salesman John remains in Georgia’s office of the 12th district to this day.

I am blogging of a Cook County D+1 district, and ergo in 2010 especially, a district that should be considered an easy pickup considering Redstate’s policy of supporting the conservative in the primary and the republican in the general.

Redstate has (via Erick) endorsed Brian Rooney for Congress in Michigan’s 7th district, to end-run around his fellow primary challengers to defeat Michigan’s most corrupt in history apparatchik and Pelosi bootlicker.  So what say you about Georgia’s own 12th congressional district?

I submit to RS this candidate for consideration.  I have contacted two of the three declared candidates and suffice to say, having communicated with each one directly, am (A) not to keen on the good-ol’ boy network (read Oxendine) and (B) muckraking by a certain Georgia county chairwoman who shall remain nameless.

I’ll dig down more as this Ides of March approaches and look forward to seeing all at the upcoming Defending the American Dream Summit.

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