I’ve succumbed to The TRANSOM… now for a RedState Gathering money making suggestion!

Erick and other RedState directors,
As much as I was looking forward to attending #RSG2013 alas I cannot… as flight fare from Her Majesty’s disjointed kingdom (plus duties) preclude me from what I dare say will be the most important RedState Gathering since a young Florida state representative came to speak.

I am simply asking for a subscription-live-feed with ability to playback all speeches and breakout sessions. You might dare highlight a few of such Q&A sessions using Adobe Connect (or something akin to it that’s better as it uses *Flash player, hence, incompatible with Apple’s iPhone) — which would allow participants around the globe to chime in with questions.

Fellow conservatives, Be Well,

p.s. Perhaps include a one hour “free” feed from a keynote address to bloggers’ row

*another prediction Steve Jobs got right