“Went to a Hockey game, and a Sarah Palin rally broke out.” Hockey lovers will understand that to be a play on the adage “Went to a Fight, and a Hockey game broke out” (referring to Fighting in Hockey). Those who know nothing about Hockey, will still be confused. But… In this case it has to do with Sarah and Mom’s in general and McCain/Palin support, hidden campaign stop in PA:

PA (and Philly surrounding cities and) area, I just wanted to openly Thank the Philadelphia Flyers owner in open and ask our RS friends (and other Conservatives within the surrounding area) to support the Philly Flyers (that’s Hockey, if you didn’t know) for the owner’s willingness to provide tacit support. They conducted an “The Ultimate Hockey Mom” contest. The winner got to join Sarah at the Flyers opening home game to drop the puck.

Alaska native, and New York Ranger (the visiting team), was on hand and participated in the ceremonial face-off. After the puck drop, Scott Gomez (part Native-American, Eskimo, pardon me I don’t have more specifics about that) gave his Governor a kiss on the cheek. How sweet!

Miss the Fun?!?! visit: HockeyFights.comFlyers lost the Fights, and the Game. Bad omen, Sarah went on to lose her Fight too.

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A very strange update that I never would have imagined would be occurring, however…

Dateline Friday November 14, 2008 – Sunrise Florida (Detroit Red Wings visiting the Florida Panthers). Former Red Wing, and current FS-Detroit Broadcaster, Mickey Redmond (known for Yogi Berra style Mickey-isms) has again interjected Politics into the game. An icing became deemed “so Liberal” a call that the Official must be a member of the “Socialist Party.” I about fell off the couch laughing.

The City of Detroit, and the County of Wayne surrounding it, is a very Liberal area, to say the least. It was rather “interesting,” we’ll say, to hear Mickey bring up Sarah Palin once or twice before the Election. He didn’t leave it there though. Amazingly, occasional anti-Liberal comments crept into Broadcasts. And today (Fri. 11/14) the “Socialist Party” comment. He used the word “Socialism” again later in the Broadcast: “No Socialism on that play!” Rather both interesting and strange, and I loved it!

I have no idea Mickey’s Politics, but I’d tend to guess he’s not a big fan of our current President-Elect. I hope he keeps creeping comments into the Broadcasts, with the big time reaching hope that it will enter some of the subconscious minds of some viewers. Red Wing ownership, however, is long lost. They are neck deep in the Socialist Utopia of Wayne county (Liberal/Democrat) politics, because they want/need the “favorable” treatment when it comes to venue building (Joe Louis Arena, Comerica Park [Tigers], future Arena needs, Fox Theatre, partial “Motor City Casino” ownership, etc). Although, Mike Illitch has to be given great credit for his Little Caesars Veterans Franchises program that provides Franchises free of Franchise fees.

So, Thanks again to Sarah Palin, Conservatism has a crack in the door of Hockey discussions… hopefully all across the Country.