Some around RS have been talking about the direction and methods the RNC should be using to get thi
ngs corrected. Frankly, I think the notion of another Contract With America will not fly because it was obvious that the notions and principles of the Contract were abandoned by the Party. When President Bush took office in 2000 and we had control, the Contract should have been IMMEDIATELY DUSTED OFF AND REVISITED – IT WASN’T!

The Contract contained so many things, like my favorite: Spending Cuts, A – Z. This was never under-taken the first time, and should have been brought back up when we had control in 2000 with a Republican President. Even if (yes, no Super-Majority in Senate) the House had NO EXCUSE to not bring it back up and DARE the Senate to ignore the Votes/Bills generated by the Actions. Instead, too many Republicans just wanted to make like Democrats and have an issue (Spending among others) to demagogue. The 2006 mid-term elections were a result, in part.

Line Item Veto!?!? Why wasn’t that revisited?!?!? If for nothing else than to bring it up and to put forward as far as possible the language of a Constitutional Amendment. Passing another Law and forcing another SCOTUS showdown on the Issue. If SPENDING BILLS are supposed to be passed on their merits but can be lumped into an Omnibus Bill to ram through the Pork/Earmarks, and that is Constitutional – Explain to me again how/why that the concept/act of the Presidential Veto isn’t also automatically implied???

Term Limits!?! We (Conservatives) had tried to get Term Limits. Some Term Limits were indeed passed on Local/State levels, but stalled on the Federal level.

The President is limited, and there is NO EXCUSE that we cannot get a Constitutional Amendment to limit Senators and House Representatives. This will take a long time to get done, and my fellow Republicans have had NO EXCUSE to not have been spending at least a little time (here and there, EVERY YEAR) on keeping/bringing the issue back to the fore-front of discussion and attempt ACTIONS NOT JUST WORDS!!!

Republicans must acknowledge these mistakes and begin talking and walking the Issues/Values again! They must put forth Legislation, knowing full well it will be defeated, but must prove they will not again forget and will keep pushing from now until Hell Freezes Over or these principles are enacted!

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