There is a new enlightenment sweeping across the world that believes that mediocrity hiding under the moniker of “unity” is the way of the future. They use key words like “progress”, “post-partisanship” and “purple” to describe the way to transcend from our former “soviet state” of red and blue. Be not deceived. That distinct noise you hear ringing in your ears is called the death rattle. It occurs right before someone or something tries to snuff out your existence. Individuals who have openly called this tactic for what it is have been accused of everything from being a distraction to our future to being guilty of drinking the proverbial “Hateraide”. However I will give you the one truth you need to realize today, purple equals death.

Don’t just believe me because I said it, (although apparently you can become President with this strategy) let’s look at some real evidence. Purple’s cousin, the sub prime loan, also looked amazing when presented with its ability to take the country in a new direction of first time home owners. This new process was touted to finally allow families to achieve the American dream for the first time! This was real progress! This was our future! Later on, when a few people saw the writing on the wall and rang the alarm they were called anti-poor, racists or part of this new distraction that takes the country away from progress. I think we all know where that strategy took us.

Let’s think creatively for a moment. Picture a person who starts a business. This person invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in order succeed. They hire a senior staff to develop and implement major ideas. What would you think the senior staff to that person should look like? A “purple state” staff would be composed of like minded individuals who see the world and business through the same lens. I don’t know if those reading this have ever owned or ran a business, but I can assure you this is not the model of success. It is the model currently employed by NBC, NYT, WP and a few others that I would challenge you to looking at their latest earning statements. This is a recipe for failure. However, you do have another option. You could recruit a staff made up of passionate and educated individual who see the world differently. Think about it! What a meeting that would be as Bob who simply wants to get rich squares off against Jim who really wants to develop a product that can change the world. Or as Barbara who wants to go global passionately disagrees with Jennifer who wants American products to be affordable to Americans first before entering the world market. Simply put, argument can get us to the world changing idea that mediocrity can never produce. The purple people do not want unity; they want to kill your ideas!

But there is a catch to this red and blue strategy.You must want the best for our country. You cannot wish for your ideas to be implemented even at the downfall of your Country’s financial, military and cultural interests. This, I hope, is where we differ from our blue counterparts. I truly believe they would stand on the ashes of the most successful parts of our Country in order to win. I refuse to do what they have done. I will not demonize, but I will proudly tout my philosophy. I hope you will join me in passionately arguing our policies for the sake of our Country’s future. But please, if nothing else, remember what purple really means. It means death to the very things that made our Country the greatest in the world.