For the second time in 4 months, the forces of Obamacare have failed to bend the “Stupak 12” to their will.  The End Game for Obamacare is finally approaching.

The AP reports:

Top House Democrats said they have given up trying to win over some conservative Democrats demanding that the bill strictly bar federal aid for abortion. That means they likely will have to win converts from among 39 House Democrats who voted against the House’s initial health bill in November.

This shows how “serious” Pelosi et al were about addressing Stupak’s concerns, and how un-Nelson-like the House holdouts on this issue have been.  Nelson caved in days, and the “discussions” with Stupak lasted what—5 minutes?


I wouldn’t call Stupak “conservative” in any way (he supports a “public option”) and for the most part, “Blue Dog” status is more mythological than unicorns and dragons.  However, on the issue of abortion funding, there is good reason to conclude that there is actually some pro-life integrity on the Democrat side in the House, and that integrity should be commended.  Does this surprise me?  Yes, but what a pleasant surprise.

The irony that abortion funding will be the final torpedo in comprehensive health reform is simply delicious.  The Hyde Amendment has been the law of the land for years, but the inability of democrats to continue to live under the principle of the Hydge Amendment will in the end, the death knell for their generational desire for HCR.

TIme to remain vigilent, but prepare for celebration (i.e. time to stock up on some extra adult beverages)!