or his Dad former President George H.W. Bush, this is a request to action because I cannot believe that either of you can continue to sit by and watch this Administration attack and demean your fellow Americans. I have lived for 44 years and never have I seen a President mock and demean and dismiss his fellow citizens like this President. I would say it is his age however he is older then me and I was brought up to show more respect to my fellow Americans (even those I disagree with). It would appear that the Administration with its Corrupt Media has been attacking its fellow citizen’s since last February and the attacks are getting more and more despicable. I do believe that you two gentlemen who have NEVER spoken out on another President’s behavior the way former Democrats do every time there is a Republican in office would have a voice that we do not. This is not about personal vendetta’s as the Democrat former Presidents have when they try to take down a Republican Presidency no, this sirs would be about the respect and dignity of We The People of these United States of America.

President George W. Bush for one was defended by citizens on the right side of the divide at the very top of our lungs against a coordinated attack from the exact same people who are attacking us now. I would request that as both a former President and an American citizen that you now defend US against the slanderous and hateful attacks. I truly believe that with almost half the Country now missing you that your words will have an impact on this unwarranted and despicable line of attack.

To both former Presidents, WE are not racists, bigots, homophobes or rubes, we are and will always be citizens of the United States of America. We love our Country and we are grateful and blessed to have been born here and given an opportunity to thrive here however when you have a President who is President of all the people attacking 1/2 those people then sir’s you have anarchy.

WE may or may not become a financially bankrupt nation but if these attacks on fellow Americans are allowed to continue unabated we will definitely have become a morally bankrupt nation. When a citizen wakes up to hear across all the news stations their elected representative saying you “should be thanking me” well that is abominable. I am sure you are both aware that the Government of the United States of America should be thanking its citizens for their hard work, their blood sweat and tears so that the government can spend it like drunken sailors. It is one thing to virulently disagree on policy but it another all together to dismiss, demean and belittle your fellow American citizens and it is time to TAKE A STAND WITH US!

Thank You in advance.