I have found this journolist meme this week very interesting “It might be good for Obama if he loses the House”. First off, if the Corrupt Media NO Erica it will be good for America is pushing that then surely what he has done in office is so OFFENSIVE as to warrant the House being flipped to contain him. I have heard many Conservative commentators say the same thing. I have to question the validity of such an argument. It is true that Bill Clinton triangulated after the 1994 House takeover, however the difference between 1994 and 2010? the internet. If there had been the instantaneous ability of Americans to gather the news through new media as there is today, I truly believe Clinton would not have made it through a second term. In 1994-96 the Corrupt Media still maintained 90% CONTROL of the airwaves. It is not enough to claim that in the environment of new media that the TRUTH will not escape in 2010.

It is a brave new world and in that world the MASSES are rejecting serfdom in search of FREEDOM. I believe that if 2008 were like 1994 Obama would have won by larger margins because of the complete news containment of the big three (not anymore). WE Conservatives have the biggest opportunity in my lifetime to return the Country back to its right of center leanings. The RINO’s are being let go in the primaries and Conservatives who are about to advance on DC will being taking a hard right to get us just back to the MIDDLE!.

I could see “some” who listen to the meanderings of those who say it would benefit Obama to perhaps not vote for a Republican House takeover but I would encourage those who think that sitting it out so as not to benefit him to envision what an EMBOLDENED Obama with a Democrat Congress will do to what is left of the FREE MARKET and CAPITALISM in America. I am sure other generations, especially under Jimmy Carter must have felt that their next election was the biggest ever to save America but I submit that November 2, 2010 is the election of OUR lifetime. The ability to keep the Republicans WE already have and to add 80+ would be a total REJECTION of progressivism. It is up to WE The People of the United States of America to tell the hateful, pathetic progressives that WE REJECT their idea of what America is and to place America back as that Shining City on a Hill America the Beautiful