**All of the Obama campaign and Main Stream Media (MSM) criticism of Joe the Plumber is indicative of what Obama will do to the American Dream if elected.

Joe does not earn $250K/year. He earns $40K/year. He plans on buying the plumbing business where he currently works. That business currently grosses just over $250K/year. He plans on growing his business, adding trucks, adding plumbers and building a business to support his family. He is talking about the American Dream.

We live in a great country. Where anyone, regardless of circumstance, race or religion, can make something of themselves and of their life if they are willing to WORK FOR IT.

That is the essence of the American Dream. And, it is that very dream, upon which this great country was built, that Obama and his liberal cronies, want to destroy. They instead propose that government grow and take more and more hard earned money from individuals in the form of higher taxes so that they can determine who they can give it to. What is this…….? It is socialism. It does not encourage hard work, it keeps people down looking up at the government for handouts.

I am currently building a busienss. I am seeking investment capital from wealthy individuals for my business. I want to build a company, hire people, deliver a service/product and build a better life for my family. To achieve that goal, I am willing to sacrifice and work hard and vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin to ensure that the American Dream can live on for generations to come.