Who am I kidding, as if you care? You clearly don’t care about the “Integrity of the Game.” Don’t even go there. Right now your precious meme, “Integrity of the Game” is in a flaming heap! You don’t care about the safety of the players. And what is most troubling, it is clear that you don’t care about the season. What do you care about exactly? Because myself, and several million of my closest football watching friends would like to know.
I am curious, do you think you’re the smartest man in the room? We already have one of those, and it will take this country another decade to repair the damage he has done in less than four years.
So let me tell you what you are not. You are not smart. Not even close. Everything you have done up to this point has made the striking Referee’s position stronger. You’re not qualified to be commissioner of a multi-billion dollar industry. Nor do you have a Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Stanford diploma on your wall. You’re not a lawyer, nor do you have a MBA. You have a degree in economics. Economics. Judging from this current debacle, you pretty much suck at economics. You are no Paul Ryan to be sure.
You are no public relations guru. About Monday night’s Green Bay – Seattle game. A good PR person would not say that the pass interference call was a bad call, which would have ended the game with Green Bay winning. But then you go on to say that the touch down call was a good call. From a failed division three official. An offical that is best suited for high school football, if that. Apparently you are the only one that can find any logic in that. And you have absolutely no clue that in your statement, you just became the commissioner of division three football.
I called the NFL headquarters on Tuesday morning asking to talk with you. I was immediately dumped into a comments voicemail. Here is the irony; there is a message that seems to blather on for an eternity about the referee situation. Then it blathers on about how the NFL cares about the fans and really wants to know what we think. Really. Wants. To. Know. Really! And when I was finally able to actually leave a voicemail message, it gave me about five seconds to leave a message. Five seconds. Really!
Here is how I see it. While you are nuking the 2012 NFL season over what really amounts to nickels and dimes compared to the billions the NFL makes; there is a freight train of DOOM with about two-thousand freight cars in tow speeding for YOU. It is the player concussion lawsuits. And they very well can bring an end to American Football as we know it. And you concern yourself with pocket change.
Now the fans that once saw the referee’s as the problem are now seeing YOU as the problem. Again. You have been identified as the problem. Last year you were booed at the draft. This year you will not be able to be in the same building during the draft.
If I were you, I would be worried about my job. Your résumé is pathetically weak. Your PR skills are more like a gun that you use to shoot yourself in the foot with. What I would really be worried about is a certain someone in California. She has a PhD (Rodger, that means she has her doctorate). She is world traveled, accomplished concert level pianist. She was president of Stanford, and Secretary of State during the George W. Bush years. She is world-class at negotiations. Her name is Condoleezza Rice.
She has said that she would love YOUR job. It’s actually worse than that, she said that your job would be her dream job! Really!
I wonder what the team owners are thinking about that?