I know most of us are very concerned that we may end up with a far left if not Marxist/Socialist executive and legislative government in the near future. I was trying to quantify what we may be looking at in the next few years if Obama gets elected. Please add your own. The changes our nation will experience will be profound. It is difficult for one guy to think of all the ramifications. Hopefully a lot of what I write below turns out to be total fiction and very far-fetched. The unfortunate reality is that a lot of these things have a basis in history if you think about the glory days of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Mao’s China, and most recently, Venezuela.


Unemployment: 12-15%, Obama’s new taxes and regulations will force many small businesses to go under thereby causing high unemployment.

Energy: Gas/diesel $8 per gallon, new carbon taxes on fossil fuels will cause gasoline and electricity prices to soar. There will be little if no exploration of our own oil resources making us even more dependent on foreign oil imports. The radical environmentalists agenda becomes the nations policies.

Food: Food prices up at least 10% a year, rising fuel and fertilizer prices make food ever more expensive. More Americans forced on to food stamp program to feed their families.

Taxes: The increases Obama is already proposing on the ‘rich’ are just a start. Because his initial increases on income and capital gains causes economy to slow, forces small business under, and large companies overseas, Obama and his rubberstamp congress raise taxes higher to make up for shortfalls in tax revenue. Budget deficits soar, the national debt skyrockets, more business fail or leave the country. Unemployment increases, more Americans seek aid from government to stay alive.

Energy : Obama sinks many billions into green energy research, taxes fossil fuels to pay for it. The government takes over ‘guiding’ research into alternative energy and makes many politically motivated decisions on what will work. Inefficient energy sources are subsidized because market forces are taken out of play. Many billions are wasted. America becomes more dependent on energy imports. New oil exploration and drilling on American territory comes to a standstill. Energy prices rise on shortage of supplies. Government institutes price controls that further decrease supplies, cause shortages, long lines at gas stations, rationing, and higher prices. Obama forces nuclear power plants to shut down because of environmental groups. Electricity prices soar. Blackouts occur nationwide. Electricity is rationed so it is available only for a few hours a day.

Economy: Increased taxes and regulation force many business to fail. New business creation comes to a standstill. Rich Americans funnel their wealth to other countries. Large businesses stage a mass exodus to more tax friendly countries. Unemployment rises. The economy is thrown into a deep depression. Real estate prices tumble. Construction companies go under. Unemployment skyrockets. More and more Americans are dependent on the government for their survival. The world spirals into depression. There is increased social unrest throughout the world, but particularly in poorer countries. Starvation becomes epidemic in Africa and Asia. Regional wars breakout over declining resources.

National Security: Emboldened by the presence of Obama and his weak national security policies, terrorist groups strike US assets throughout the world with little fear of reprisal. Obama fails to take action which further increases attacks. Our military is weakened because of liberal social experiments and increases political correctness. Gays serve openly and cause morale to plummet. Voluntary service in the military plummets. Career service men and women flee the politically correct environment and leave the military in droves. Obama’s policies allow Iran to develop, test, and deploy nuclear weapons. It is a matter of time until the Middle East goes up in nuclear fire. Many millions are dead. Oil flow from Arabia slows to a trickle. America’s strong presence in the Middle East is gone. Obama has retreated from Iraq closing all bases we have there. Continued declines in numbers caused by the military environment causes Obama to reinstate the draft. Women are now drafted under our liberal feminist agenda. War with Russia and China becomes very likely. Obama negotiates with our enemies, but makes war much more likely due to the concessions he makes and his outward weakness when dealing with them. America is very weak. Even small countries become a threat to our national security.

Society: America becomes the most politically correct nation on Earth. “Hate” speech and “hate” thought become crimes punishable by prison. Regulation of private property rights causes violent conflicts between land owners and government. Many die trying to preserve their property rights. Political dissention is beaten down by the reinstatement of a new ‘fairness’ doctrine. Conservative talk radio is extinct. Limbaugh and other top conservatives are imprisoned because of their“grievous” hate speech. Fox News is forced off the air. Newspapers have government bureaucrats approve of every article they print. Truth becomes a very rare commodity.Government programs pay rewards for ratting out individuals for criticizing politicians or their policies, those found guilty are imprisoned. Drug use increases as citizens try to self medicate their depression caused by a dismal existence and bleak future. Illegal aliens are given all the rights of legal citizens including voting, and all welfare programs. Illegal aliens can even run for political office and do. Violent crimes increase in every corner of the country. To quell the violence, gun ownership by private citizens is outlawed. Violent crime continues to increase due to gun policies of government. Only the government and ‘bad guys’ have guns. Ordinary citizens are defenseless. Because of the depressed economy, home ownership plummets. Many citizens are forced into government work camps to survive. Suicide is epidemic as many find living in the US to depressing to deal with. The government becomes fully entrenched in every aspect of life.

Education: All schools are forced to employ government licensed facilitators that ensure a pro-government and pro homosexual agenda is taught in grades K-12. Basic reading and math skills plummet. Political correctness does away with grading performance. Knowledge and compliance with government social policies is main focus of education. School children are encouraged and rewarded for turning their parents in for ‘un-American’ acts, speech, or beliefs. Atheism becomes a mandatory study. History books contain revisionist history that denigrates American triumphs into the realm of imperialism and exploitation. The nation’s ‘new’ direction will atone for our prior sins against the rest of the world.

Politics: The Democrats use every trick in the book to solidify their power and ensure their continued dominance. Groups like ACORN become part of the government in the new Community Improvement Agency. Voting moves from a fraud riddled process to a full-blown act of futility. Only liberal Democrats and cooperative Republicans win office. Results of elections are ensured by government action. Government maintains complete control of the media, and only the government’s point of view is ever broadcast. The US becomes essentially a one party government.

I’ll now leave this to you. I know this is depressing, but it is something to think about. How far we may go down this road if Obama and the Democrats get complete power remains to be seen. A lot of the stuff I wrote seems Orwellian. Personally, I think Atlas is shrugging. Hopefully enough Americans will wake up before we go down this road. If not, I hope we don’t get too far down it before we turn around and find a better route to our future.