Water Cooler 12/27/2018; 2018 Promises Kept

You’d Never Know This From Getting Your News From The MSM But The Trump Administration Has Gotten A Lot Done In 2018

If you think the Trump administration hasn’t gotten much done or done a lot for the country in 2018 you are reading the wrong news outlets. Matter of fact it’s so bad that the best way to read the news about the administration is to assume that every time they are complaining about the administration it’s only because President Trump has managed to once again get something he promised to do done.  Here’s some highlights from 2018

10. Streamlined Permitting For Infrastructure Projects

If you listen to the news our infrastructure has been in decay since the moment it was built*. President Trump is the first president to actually make it easier for new projects to get built

*Yes that is just as true as it is deliberately misleading by the media

9. Obamacare Individual Mandate Repealed

The whole concept of Obamacare was one of the most disgusting pieces of legislation ever enacted by our government . The whole idea that the government should force people to buy a product they either  didn’t want or couldn’t afford, was an affront. Seeing this one go should be a joy to everyone.

8. Began Restoring Sanity To Our Higher Education System

The Title IX kangaroo courts, and peepers in the lady’s rooms are on the way out. With any luck it won’t be long before conservatives can speak on campuses again as well.

7. This Year In Jerusalem

Not only do we at last recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, we have our embassy there. Something that presidents have been promising to do for ever. Not only that on the diplomatic front we now have Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel all working together to provide regional security in the Middle East.

6. Ending The Insanity At  The EPA.

Ever since the start of his administration he has been cutting regulations, and has been the first president since Reagan to actually reduce the size of the Federal Register (who knows maybe one day it will be small enough it can actually be read). The latest has been taming the infamous “Waters of the United States” rules which meant the government could decide to seize your land if you had a recurring puddle on it, and no one could actually tell you if you were safe or not.

5. U.S. Energy Independence

Making the U.S. self sufficient for it’s energy needs. This is something that ever since the energy crisis, presidents have either promised to to do, told us we shouldn’t actually want, and or told us it was impossible. President Trump has actually made it happen on his watch with us not only exporting oil, and natural gas, but coal as well.

4. No More What’s Mine Is Mine, What’s Your’s We Will Talk About With Our Trade Partners

You may not like or approve of his trade philosophy but has wrestled our trade partners to the table, and we have a new NAFTA deal and changes with China are on the way. Just goes to show that apathy is not a valid policy.

3. Killed Obama’s Iran Deal

Just what did we get out of this deal where we had cargo planes literally hauling pallets of cash to Iran ? Oh yeah the swore they wouldn’t develop nuclear weapons unless we double dog dared them no crossies or take backs.

2. 2 Years Of Job Growth Every Month And Lowest Unemployment Rate In nearly 50 Years

Yeah the numbers have been well and truly cooked since the 60s. But hitting 3.7 % unemployment and adding 4 million + jobs  isn’t bad by anyone’s standards and it’s certainly better than the last three presidents have achieved. a big one for anyone that works for their living

1. Judges, Judges, Judges.

Three times isn’t enough. You may not think Kavanaugh is the most conservative guy around, I know I don’t. But he and all the other federal judges this administration are head and shoulders above the sycophants and crooks, that Hillary would have appointed. It may not save the Republic from what the left is angling for but it can certainly buy us time.


Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread