Susan Crile proves that Huffington Post willfully distorts any fact that can be found about Sarah Palin. In a HuffPo post about the attempted hijacking of a State of Alaska web page (See Web Page Hijack FAIL), Crile says:

“Sarah Palin’s lawyers — already busy handling the dozen legal complaints that are pending against the Alaska governor — are now doing legal battle with a website called”

The Crile/HuffPo parenthetical prevarication – that there were a dozen legal comlaints pending against Gov. Palin – is easily exposed as moose manure. The post is time-stamped 05/12/09 04:40 PM. At that point in time, only five of the bogus “ethics complaints” could have reasonably be said to still be pending, nine having been disposed of with no finding that any law had been broken by the governor or her aides.

Two more of the nuisance complaints were dismissed yesterday, bringing the number of pending baseless complaints down to just three. I haven’t bothered to check whether the last two were thrown out before Crile’s post went up, given the time zone difference between Alaska and whatever cukoo clock HuffPo uses, but it doesn’t really matter. A lie is a lie. Huffington Post and its posting prevaricators have been busted yet again.

– JP