**Now I hear that John is encouraging Palin to appear on SNL.

Does anyone on that ticket have an ounce of pride? I hope so. For Palin to appear on SNL after they “joked” (ha-ha) that Todd Palin was an incestuous father, would completely blow my image of this proud, hockey mom, who has been a breath of fresh air for the campaign.

NBC uses SNL as their hit squad which is immune from law suit because at the end of all the insults and mean-spirited “humor,” the pigs at SNL say, “Oh folks, we’re just kidding.”

In return for the non-stop insults to hurt the campaign, and the abscence of ANY jokes toward Obama, Palin is going to go on SNL and give them the biggest ratings in the shows history? She’s going to help SNL survive the boycott and anger of those who chastised SNL for their vulgar and humorless humor?

Chevy Chase called for puppet Tina Fey to “crucify” Sarah Palin. Chief maggot, Lorne Michaels, orchestrated the entire crusade.

**Sarah Palin doesn’t owe SNL anything. She doesn’t have to validate their importance by bolstering their ratings. She doesn’t have to prove she’s a “good sport.” They secretly, if not publicly, mock it anyway.

My support for Sarah Palin ends the second I hear about an appearance on SNL. If Lorne Michaels has the clock weights, FIRST air a program about Obama having sex with his daughters. When I see that, Sarah has my blessings. But Michaels is an NBC puppet too, so don’t hold your breath of anything remotely poking fun at Obama BEFORE the elections. Obama has already given NBC their instructions, and they’ll be good little soldiers who will obey.

Sarah, if you feel the need to poke fun at the situation, do it on another network. That way, you get what you’re trying to prove (whatever that is) and NBC is not rewarded for the non-stop assault on your own campaign.

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