Many activists from both the political left and political right met in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania late last week to discuss political matters, and the way “new media” affects communicating with the public.

Last year the left started YearlyKos, later renamed NetRoots Nation,  and had a convention in Austin, Texas in August 2008.  The now 2nd annual NetRoots Nation 2009 was held last week in the David L. Lawrence convention center in downtown Pittsburgh.  Portions of NetRoots Nation 2009 could be viewed online courtesy of SEIU TV and online or via cable TV on C-SPAN.

Following the left, the political right also started a convention last year and held it in Austin, Texas to discuss similar issues.  The right called their convention RightOnline 2008.  Following the left again, the right held their RightOnline 2009 convention on Thursday and Friday across the Monongahela river from downtown Pittsburgh and Netroots Nation. The two groups were separated only by a mile or so but there was little interaction between the groups.

The pictures, tweets, and comments below are from my visit to RightOnline. See the RightOnline agenda online for brief information about all the sessions. You could see parts of RightOnline on C-SPAN.

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