2010 is the beginning of a new decade and the year of the conservative revolution as we take back our country standing on true Constitutional principles and the values of our Founding Fathers. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have had their fifteen minutes of fame and their destruction of our country ends in 2010.
More patriotic Americans are taking a stand against Obama’s socialist take over of our Nation and the anger of the people is building with each passing moment. November is our moment and house cleaning is our goal. Democrat or Republican, if anyone in Congress who is up for re-election does not stand for freedom and Constitutional principles as envisioned by our Founders will find themselves unemployed, fired by we the people and replaced by true Constitutional representatives of the people.

2010 is the beginning of their end and the revival of American values and greatness as we send the Marxist/socialists packing and show Obama that we are his boss and tie his hands by eliminating his Congressional support making him a lame duck two full years before he is booted out in 2012.

So stand tall my fellow patriots and remember that we the people are the Constitutional authority of our land and we will prevail as we once again fight an American Revolution against tyranny and a government that is systematically taking away our freedoms.

Happy New Year and let the fight for freedom and our Constitution bring our victory in November!

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth