Ohio Right to Life has some new poll data on both the governor’s race and the race for the US Senate in Ohio:

Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich and U.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman lead their respective opponents in a new poll released today by Ohio Right to Life Society. The Wenzel Strategies telephone survey of 1001 Ohio registered voters found Kasich holds a 10-point lead over Governor Ted Strickland. Portman holds a six-point lead over both potential opponents Lt. Governor Lee Fisher and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, the survey found. The results are similar to a Rasmussen Reports survey released last week, and can be found HERE.

The survey was conducted by Wenzel Strategies January 8-12 and included 1001 Ohio registered voters contacted by phone. The poll carries a 95% confidence interval and a margin of error of +/- 3.07 percentage points.

Breakdown below.

Gubernatorial Race

Kasich 42.5

Strickland 32.6

Other 7.8

Not Sure 17.2

Governor Strickland’s Job Approval Rating

Excellent 6.3

Good 24.6

Fair 38.2

Poor 27

Not Sure 4

U.S. Senate Race

Portman 36.9

Fisher 30.7

Other 8.8

Not Sure 23.7

Portman 40.4

Brunner 34.5

Other 6.4

Not Sure 18.8

More details here.