A few days ago I posted on how the Democrats were attacking US Senate Candidate Rob Portman for supposedly supporting the “status-quo” on health care (instead of the health care monstrosity currently being debate in Washington).

The ODP rolled out some nonsensical attack quotes that missed the whole point. Portman has been saying since the beginning that a bill that raises costs and hurts business is the last thing we need right now. He has been calling for reform that reduces costs and allows for greater access. But Democrats insist on ramming their plan down our throats even if they have to ignore the constitution to do it.

Anyone who knows him knows that Portman is no raging populist – nor is he in the pocket of big insurance companies like the Democrats insist – but he is an intelligent politician and he knows his public policy. So he knows the public doesn’t want a government take over of health care that leads to higher costs and more bureaucracy.  And he knows that the proposal the Democrats are pushing will lead to just that. So he opposes it.

This is neither trolling for campaign donations nor mere campaign rhetoric. And you know what? He is right.

Heritage’s The Foundry blog spells it out succinctly:

Obamacare Increases Unemployment, Insurance Premiums, Deficit, and Debt

President Barack Obama and congressional leaders claim that the Senate health bill, which will likely face a vote in the House by the end of the week, will decrease the deficit and bend the cost curve related to health care spending.  However, recent analysis by The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis (CDA) shows that this is far from true.  Instead, the bill’s mandates and numerous new taxes will have tumultuous effects.  Passing Obamacare will come at the expense of the American people as it would grow the federal debt, increase premiums, and stifle economic growth.

Here is the section on premiums in particular:

  • Increases insurance premiums. Mandates in the Senate bill would require health plans to offer more generous coverage, increasing the cost of insurance.  Increased spending on premiums, accompanied by increased medical spending, would create upward pressure on prices.  This would further increase government spending, since offering the current levels of care covered by Medicaid and the proposed subsidies would cost significantly more.  Another choice would be to ration provider payments even more severely.

Another issue Portman has been focused on is the reckless spending and its impact on the future. Not surprisingly this is a big problem with the health care bill as well.

Chart? Chart:

As with every issue, the Democrats want to demagogue this issue and ignore the facts. We simply can’t let them get away with it.The stakes are too high.

Just another reason to support Rob Portman.