I saw Bob Beckel on Hannity & Colmes having a case of purple-faced apoplexy defending Barak Obama’s abortion stance. It couldn’t have been easy watching his beloved candidate stumble over the stumbling stone on Rick Warren’s question, “When does life begin?” It wasn’t a hard question, but his candidate couldn’t answer it because his candidate tried to dance around God’s precepts. The way is straight and the gate is narrow. If you don’t know the difference between right and wrong, you will stumble into the bramble – plain and simple.

I could barely sit and watch I was so offended and appalled. When you make the decision to support the choice of taking life – be it infanticide, abortion, lethal injection, so-called mercy-killing, honor-killing, suicide, euthanasia or murder, well, then you set yourself up to try and defend your stance in taking life and death away from God’s hand and putting it into your own. Now, if you do not believe in God, then this is not a difficult decision to make. But you have to accept the trash that comes along with that kind of stinkin’ thinkin’.

Beckel is screaming, “How low can you go?” that “conservatives” are stooping low in bringing to the forefront that his favored candidate and the liberal stance on abortion says essentially this: ‘Oops, that one didn’t take, so now what do we do? – If too many people find out about it, they will start pushing to overturn Roe vs. Wade and we can’t have that! So, let’s just dump it into a dirty linen closet and let it die like a rabid dog on the street.’

Except, uh-oh, a God-fearing nurse intercepts it and speaks out about the horrors that exist (they used to call it man’s inhumanity to man) in the support of this abomination in American society we call abortion.

You see that is just what we have to contend with when we take the decision concerning life out of God’s hand and put it into that of mankind. Horrors and more horrors….

And so Bob Beckel and his liberal cronies, rather than admitting their candidate is flawed in morals, try instead to defend the indefensible. Bob Beckel’s complaint? That “conservatives” were making Barak Obama out to be a baby-killer. Well, the proof is in the pie. Barak Obama couldn’t answer the simple question, “When does life begin?” With no regard for human life or of God’s laws, he can have no redeeming conscience about his refusal to sign a bill that would “abort” this kind of horror. Had he supported Pro-Life to begin with, there wouldn’t even be an issue.

Barak Obama is going to find that he is far left of the right of way on this, and that moral-minded, God-fearing people will not vote him – and there are a lot more of them out there than he thinks!

Dick Morris’ theory that Hillary is willing to throw the race to McCain, just to prove she should have gotten the nomination is absolutely brilliant. It reads a bit like a conspiracy theory but having followed this genius of politics, who is so familiar with the Clintons and their machine, over the past year and reading his explanation of just how conniving the Clintons really are (not that I ever had any doubt), is mind-boggling.

What really got my adrenaline flowing is Morris’ idea that McCain should choose Kay Bailey Hutchison as his VP. I have felt for a long time a woman was imperative to McCain’s ticket and I have many times wanted him to choose Condi Rice. Morris’ comments that her relationship to Bush makes sense, in spite of the fact I think Condi is smarter than the entire democratic party put together and that I have always have been extremely loyal to George Bush and will remain so, believing that history will prove him to be a great American president as well.

I do not want Romney. He scares me with his sudden pro-life shift. How can a God-fearing Christian ever have doubts on this subject? But Hutchison is the perfect answer – and I hope McCain is listening to Dick Morris. It is ingenious and for the first time, I am beginning to believe that if he does this – he will win in November!

I guess being in the advertising and marketing industry for 25 years makes you cynical. Spending a number of years behind the cameras in TV, on stage in community theatre and setting up shots for videos makes you even more aware.

I have wondered for many years whether it was tuition or some esoteric knowledge that led me to simply “know things” instinctively or to simply “not buy it”, but I have decided it is just good clean hands-on experience that makes the whole “convention show” just that – a B-grade, black & white spaghetti western or one of those Dialing for Dollars after-the-soaps 50s horror movies like The Blob, The Fly or The Screaming Skull.

In fact, I thought of that old movie, The Fly when Ted Kennedy took the stage. The Ted Kennedy I saw was the same blustering, arrogant and blathering old fool I’ve always seen. I cannot get the picture of him sitting in judgment of others before so many congressional hearings and special investigations with that sagging jaw and those piercing, accusatory eyes knowing what an unrepentant sinner he is himself. And as for dry eyes – the only people I saw teary-eyed were Kennedys, of which there is no small number. It wasn’t emotional, nor was it moving, but I could hear that teeny-tiny human head on the fly’s body screaming “Help me! Help Me!” to which I wanted to take a swatter and say, “Okay!” – Splat!

Theatrics – all of it.

And then there was, Michelle Obama. You know, it is like I emailed Bill O’Reilly after he made me laugh talking about what a “steamroller” Hillary Clinton is – ambition just looks different on women. Men see most strong-willed and determined women as steamrollers, but Hillary and Michelle Obama have different problems. No form of inner beauty, charm or charisma softens their arrogance and aggression. And make no mistake about it; Michelle is an attorney just like Hillary. She is just as ambitious and steamrolling as Hillary, she’s just newer at it.

Watching Michelle’s speech last night was pure theatre. She and Obama’s people got together and told her straight up, “It is imperative we soften Michelle’s image” so they helped her write a speech that was supposed to be motherly, sisterly and beloved little wifey. She speaks well – I’ll give her that and she delivered it well. But she didn’t say anything! I mean, she can’t stand up there and make up lies (although it has been done)… her husband simply is not experienced enough to lead this country and everyone with any intellect whatsoever knows it. It was said afterward by Karl Rove that she didn’t talk enough about why Obama is qualified – well, she couldn’t. He hasn’t done anything to make him worthy of the office and there was no speech that could be written that said otherwise. So in that capacity, she did her job. She softened her image such that even I almost fell for it. But then they started flashing pictures of women in the audience dabbing at their eyes – Good effect! I was quickly able to pull myself back and chuckle. She didn’t say anything to make anyone cry! She wasn’t that moving! And what about Barak? He organized a couple of local charity events on the south side of Chicago. So what? I helped organized the largest free Airshow in north Alabama, does that make me qualified for the presidency?

She speaks well, but she wasn’t being sincere. And being a good speaker doesn’t make one a good actress. She was playing a role, a role she doesn’t live. She is a mother but she is also a politician’s wife and an attorney and a Board member of a hospital. She didn’t sell it any more than Hillary will sell it tonight. Hillary has a lot more experience and more women will care what Hillary says tonight. Since it was powerful men that stole the nomination from Hillary to begin with, and the idiocy of her husband that hurt her even more, she will gain much more tonight than Michelle Obama did, and that too will stick in Michelle’s craw. After tonight, no one will even remember Michelle’s speech.

But my point is, it is all smoke! One doesn’t have to follow politics to see it and recognize it. But one does have to be gullible to fall for it. I pray people, especially women, will open their eyes and see it for what it is. Theatre.

Let’s all encourage John McCain to bring on Kay Bailey Hutchison as VP and keep a Republican (that is stretching it as far as I can – McCain is not my first choice, but merely better than the alternative) in the White House so we can feel safe and strong and free from the socialism the Democratic Party wants to make America!