but my Dad is. Dad is a small town electrician who also does some heating and cooling work and who is self-employed in a small business. He literally has a mom and pop operation. Mom is his secretary. They live and work in a little Midwest farming community. Dad only attended a tech school, worked for others for a while, and eventually bought the business from the previous owner when he retired. Dad has worked hard his whole life, not just at the business but also raising a family of four kids.He and Mom encouraged and supported us in everything we did, especially in school from kindergarten through college. Judging from the results they must have done something right. We have careers as an industrial engineer, a medical scientist, a bomber pilot, and a computer programmer. More importantly, we have four stable families with good kids of our own. We are not quite in that bracket that Obama may consider rich, but I can see the potential in my kids and my nieces and nephews. If they work hard, why shouldn’t they get to keep what they earn? Why should they have to pay a bigger chuck than others?

Growing up we were never rich, just a typical middle class family. As a small business owner, Dad could never count on a steady income. Some months and years were a little tighter than others and some were better. The self-employed have to be a little more careful in managing their money. They also probably see progressive tax rates a little differently. Why should you be taxed at a higher rate just because you had an exceptionally good year when you have to save the surplus for the lean year that may just be around the bend?

There is a lot of Joe that I see in my Dad. I am steamed at Obama and his legions for airing Joe’s dirty laundry in public. None of us is perfect, Dad and myself included. As Iowahawk noted, politicians know that dirty laundry showings come with the job, but average voters asking simple questions should have some expectations of more privacy. Joe wasn’t the one who brought the T.V. cameras. I can see my Dad asking the same question that Joe did. If they went after my Dad like they are going after Joe… Well, I would rather not go there.

It doesn’t matter if Joe is a registered Republican, has a plumber’s license, or has a lien on his house. I will give the liberals this much. If the only argument they had made was that Joe would have financially benefited more from Obama than McCain, I would have taken it in good faith. It wouldn’t have changed Obama’s awful answer, but it could have soften the problem. They went too far and attacked the messenger. As often happens, the cover-up is worse than the crime.