McCain is close to Obama in the polls but still behind. Maybe all the polls are wrong, but I would fee a lot better if the polls were pointing toward a McCain win. It does look like McCain is making headway. Here is an idea for more momentum. McCain should run not just against Obama, but also against Congressional Democrats. Let’s face the cold hard facts:1. It is unlikely Republicans will retake the House or the Senate.2. It is likely Democrats will improve their control in both chambers.Paradoxically, congressional approval ratings are lower than the President’s. This should not be surprising considering other facts:1. Democratic control has not improved Congress.2. Spending is not lower than the Republican Congress.3. The number of earmarks is not lower than the Republican Congress.4. Ethics are at least as bad under Democrats as they were under Republicans.

One of the problems with running against Obama is that he does not much of a record and the press does not inform voters on the record he does have. Congressional Democrats, on the other hand, are well known and well disliked. Of course individual Democrats in their own districts may be popular. This is bad if you are running against individual Democrats in their districts. McCain is running for President of the whole country and especially concentrating on swing states. Do you think Speaker Pelosi is popular in OH, PA, FL, or CO?

McCain needs to remind voters that:1. Democrats have been in Congressional control for the past two years.2. They will likely remain in control after the elections.3. They are doing a lousy job.4. They need someone to keep them in check.5. Obama votes the Democratic party line (or even more liberal).6. Obama will not veto his fellow Democrats.7. Obama will not keep them in check.8. John McCain will and has the record to prove it.

This message should appeal to both swing voters (who like divided government) and the Republican faithful (who do not want Democrats in control of everything). Even if it does not help McCain, it should help Republican candidates down ticket. More likely, it should help McCain and Congressional Republicans.