First of all Boortz gets booted by the Libertarian Convention as a speaker. Now with the launch of the Contract from America his beloved Fair Tax has been left out despite being the most popular idea of them all in the early voting. Now, many will know I am not a fan of the fair tax, but it did appear to win fair and square.

Its sad to see the great idea that was the Contract from America, reduced to mealy mouthed non-specific points. No doubt this was so that Newt Gingrich would get on board and support it. Its gone from a grassroots attempt to find out what America wants to merely an exercise in blowing smoke up Gingrich & Co posterior. It really annoys me, as someone who worked hard on the CfA and someone who told lots of people about it, that Ryan Hecker has decided to jump on board the abomination that is the Tea Party Federation. He told no one involved in the creation and publicity for it that he as doing this. In short Hecker sold us out for the bright lights of a Republican front. The fact Hecker refuses to release vote totals and percentages does not muster confidence either. What is there to hide?

How exactly will TPF help with the problem? Its the same ole’ Republican DC types trying usurp the tea party movement and bring it back into the Republican tent. Its a con. The strength of the tea party movement is its non-partisan nature. If you want to change the Republican and Democrat parties you don’t sell out the minute they talk to you, (down in most cases) you play coy. Big names, and many go rushing off like good little sheep, star struck that some politician is actually paying attention to them. Its pathetic, but alas predictable and it will always be thus.

TPE, TPN & TPF could care less about the non-Republican members of the tea party movement. All they want is the registered Republicans to come back into the tent after our little tantrum. There is no question the Republican Party wants to see the tea party movement fizzle as soon as possible. They are doing everything they can to make sure that happens.

This ain’t rocket science the non-partisan tea party movement is a direct threat to the Republican Party. its in their best interest for it to cease to be as soon as possible. What they are doing, for them, makes perfect sense and is logical. We are getting involved in primaries and all levels of political life in our states. The establishment of anything naturally protects itself. This is the way politics is played.

I hope the vast majority of tea party types keep their powder dry and play hard to get. I want the tea party movement to be a constant worry to both parties for a long time to come. That is the way you are going to change how they operate and what they do. They got to start playing our game, not the other way round.