This morning on Fox and Friends, a Democrat from PA (Joe Setak I believe) was talking about Obama and his position on Iraq and his trip to Iraq.

Apart from the classic babble from the Left, there were two points that stuck out to me. Points to be looked at. Points that are very troubling.

The first was a statement from the Democrat, in which he said that ‘everyone else’ was coming to Obama’s view of Iraq. This man accepted as fact that Obama has not changed his view on Iraq and that others have changed theirs to match his.

That seems, to me, to be a total reversal from the truth. That a Democrat waffles on military stances does not suprise me and that they send out a Democrat with military experience to defend Senator Obama does not suprise me.

That he honestly believes that Obama’s position on Iraq has no only been stable, but that others have come to it . .. that is troubling.

You see, for the Left to hold the divine nature of Obama intact, he must be omniscient and right.

The other item that bothered me was the insistance that Obama seeming ‘real’ and ‘down to earth’ in the visit to our troops in Iraq was important because we need a President “that we can touch.”

It wasn’t said as a off-handed remark, but was said with great passion. Obama, in this trip, is letting the people touch him; letting people see that he is real so they should follow him.

The first parallel, instantly, drawn in my mind was to Christ walking down the streets in a crowd, when someone touched his cloak and was healed.

The regular divine influence that is granted to Obama as a trait, by the Left, is rather troubling. The religious fervor in which the Left worships Obama is very troubling, bordering on scary.

I have never seen a more obvious example of elitist snobbery, and the Left is eating it up.