Obama keeps talking about just returning the tax rate back to what it was in the Clinton years. People are generally not worried about this as the economy was OK then. However this assertion seems to be false based on the following information.

1993 39.6 89,1501994 39.6 250,0001995 39.6 256,5001996 39.6 263,7501997 39.6 271,0501998 39.6 278,4501999 39.6 283,1502000 39.6 288,350

This shows the highest tax bracket and the income level when it was payed. As Obama says when Clinton first raised the tax rate it was 39.6 and income over 250,000 but by the end of his term it was on income over 283,150. For Obama to be telling the truth about the tax rate, the 39.6 level would not kick in until 369,067.14 adjusted for todays dollars. This is proof that he really wants taxes well above Clintons rates and truly wants to “redistribute wealth”….Poor Joe.