Examining his record, you might have thought that Illinois Democrat Senate Candidate Alexi Giannoulis was too busy approving loans to known mobsters to be have time to donate money to rabid anti-Israeli causes. However, that kind of thinking just demonstrates the way people have been misunderestimating Alexi Giannoulias all his life. Turns out, Giannoulias is a man of impressive ability and multitasking skills:

In an effort to deflect from his embattled record and ethical issues surrounding his family bank’s ties to the mafia, Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias (D-IL) attacked his opponent, U.S. Representative Mark Kirk (R-IL), for opposing a U.S. military option in Iran and falsely claiming Kirk wanted to “let Israel handle it.”

The attack on Kirk – an established pro-Israel champion who engineered the Iran Refined Sanctions Petroleum Act and won the deployment of a U.S. X-Band radar to Israel – was an obvious attempt by Giannoulias to smear his opponent in the Jewish community and claim to be the “more pro-Israel” candidate in the race.

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In 2006, Giannoulias served as Vice President and Chief Loan Officer of his family-owned Broadway Bank, where he bragged in a recent interview: “I did everything there.” A closer look at the contributions made by Giannoulias’ family bank to the Crossroad Funds – a left-wing Chicago foundation – reveals a disconcerting trend:

In 2006, records show that Giannoulias’ Broadway Bank contributed between $1,000 and $5,000 to the Crossroad Funds, which provided a $4,000 grant to the Committee for a Just Peace in Israel & Palestine in 2006

In 2007, records show that Broadway Bank elevated to the Crossroads’ “$5,000 & Above” gift level, while the foundation provided another $4,000 to the Committee for a Just Peace in Israel & Palestine.

In 2008, records show Broadway Bank continued its contributions to Crossroads, while the foundation provided another $4,000 to the Committee for a Just Peace in Israel & Palestine.

While 2009 records are not yet available, Crossroads expanded its anti-Israel grants beyond another $3,500 for the Committee for a Just Peace in Israel & Palestine – this time adding another $1,000 for the Electronic Intifada. Moreover, the Giannoulias-backed foundation honored Electronic Intifada at its 2009 annual benefit.

And who are the Committee for a Just Peace in Israel & Palestine, you might ask? An interesting question. From the organization’s home page, you can pretty much tell where they’re coming from based on the references to the “Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem,” which they believe to be in violation of “international law and U.N. Resolutions.” They also call for “An end to U.S. policies that sustain the occupation.” As a footnote, and apparently after all this is unilaterally provided by the Israelis, it would be nice if there was an end to “all forms of terror” (although by including the word “state”, you can be sure that a moral equivalency between the Israeli government and terrorist organizations in Palestine is definitively being drawn).

In case you were wondering whether the Committee for a Just Peace in Israel & Palestine really takes sides in the Israel/Palestine debate, just look at the articles approvingly linked on the organization’s webpage, including this absurd Zionist conspiracy article (including prominent quotes from noted friend-of-Israel Juan Cole!), this article (“the media feeds an unsuspecting public an uninterrupted stream of biased, Israel-centric propaganda”!), and this series of photographs of anti-Israel protesters. Conspiculously absent are moving essays on behalf of the families of Israelis killed in attacks by Palestinian terrorists.

I suppose, given that the money wasn’t given directly to Palestinian terrorists, that this story isn’t as objectionable as the stories about other violent criminals funded by Alexi Giannoulias. However, it’s another piece of evidence that Giannoulias never spared a dime of his bank’s money in support of despicable causes.