Sitting here after work, watching CNN because my wife has it on, and watching the Campbell Brown show, and they have a segment on how the Republican party is in “tatters” and what are they going to do. Every one of these people said about the same thing, “the republicans need to moderate, and they need to show that they support Obama”. One of them was supposedly a Republican consultant.

My response is WTF. Why should we give an Obama presidency, a Pelosi/Reid congress any quarter, when as soon as Bush took office with a Republican House and Democrat Co-opted senate (thanks to Jeffords flipping from Repbublican to Independent and caucused with the Democrats), there was nothing but vitriol, hatred, and obstruction.

Now I know the Republicans, can’t obstruct just to obstruct, but there are two things that I feel we need to do.

  1. If Obama has a good idea, or the congressional legislation will improve the country they need to back it, and immediately go to the local media outlets in their districts and let them know that they were working for the best of the country, however, if it is a bad idea, vote against it, and make the case why they were against it and hang it on the Democrats.

  2. Keep pounding and pointing out, the Obama, democrat promises and when they are broken. When Pelosi tries to ram rod something without going through the proper committees, make the case, again to the local media outlets, (MSM nationally too biased), that the “bi-partisanship” promise is being broken.

Keep the feet to the fire, it’s our only way for 2010 and 2012.

Let me know what you think.

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