I know that this won’t fly in anywhere but my own little fantasy land, but listening to the radio talking about the terrorist attach on the Detroit flight, and then thinking about the whole healthcare debate, I came up with this argument. 

If we were to concede the arguement, (which I don’t), that health care is a right for every citizen, although it’s technically nowhere in the constitution, and needs the government to come in and pay for those that do not have health care, then the right to own a gun, which is enshrined in that little thing called the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights, then the government should pay for those that don’t own a weapon.

Looking at some of the things in the health care bill, you could also apply to gun ownership. Example, this healthcare bill mandates that people either have health insurance or face penalites or jail time, well. the same should be said about gun ownership.  Every citizen over the age of 18 should be mandated to own a weapon and be trained on using it, or face fines and jailtime, since they are willfully breaking the law and not exercising their 2nd amendment responsibilities.  Also the govenrment gets to mandate what is an acceptable caliber of gun that can be sold, for example no one can sell or own a .22 because it is too small, and all bullets have to be hollowpoint so as to not have residual through and through innocent bystander damage.  

Another part is the whole subsidizing of those that can’t afford healthcare, well if we got to subsidize them, then we should also subsidize all the poor who cannot afford a gun.  That would be nice if granny in an inner city neighborhood could get a subsidized .38, and be able to defend themselves against the gangbanger or thug that is going to try to steal their social security check, welfare check, or paycheck.  Also if everyone was mandated to carry a weapon, how many terrorist attacks would really happen on airplanes, or public places if there was a strong possibility that it would not be successful, because as soon as they attempt to ignite a bomb, they would be dying due to a dose of highly accelerated, forced, lead poisoning. 

Finally, the whole idea of a health insurance exchange, that insurance companies have to be a part of so that the exchange can provide affordable insurance. Well, how about a gun exchange, where Smith & Wesson, Glock, Khar, and other gun manufactuers have to be a part of so that people can buy affordable weapons through the exchange. 

Again, this is mostly meant to be a sarcasm about the stupidity of the arguement that the healthcare is a right and that their bill guarantees that right.  However, it would be nice that once and for all to be able to say that the 2nd amendment does mean something, and that every citizen would be protected even if they don’t want to be.