Hello RedStaters! I was about to write some crying tome about The One on Men’s Health, how long will the MSM peddle fiction as fact, and how long will we survive under the smothering piles of BullSh*t being heeped on us…

But then I was emboldened by http://www.redstate.com/diaries/wennejunk/2008/oct/18/for-all-you-depressed-defeatist-poll-addicts/ wennejunk’s inspirational post.

So, speaking of unrelenting Bullsh*t, I pose the following question to those who might be more educated than me in Election Night numbers to help me out.

We keep saying that some people may vote for McCain, but tell the pollsters they are voting for Obama. Since they give the election information based on exit polls, would they also lie coming out? I don’t doubt the MSM would love this, just the words they want to hear.

I don’t want to be thinking my man is losing, when he is in fact beating the beret off Mr. Effite.