With Democrat colleagues and friends, like Joseph Biden, John Kerry and John Murtha, who needs enemies? If you see Barack Obama running from hardware to hardware store, searching the aisles for duct tape, don’t be surprised. My mother used to call it diarrhea of the mouth. Why can’t these guys shut up?

First, Joseph Biden steps on the weekend endorsement of General Colin Powell, which was designed to quell concerns regarding Barack Obama’s readiness to be president, to alert the world that in the first six months of an Obama presidency, America and, more particularly, a President Obama will likely be tested by a major international incident or event. So, are we to take from that point, that General Powell feels good about Barack Obama’s capabilities, but terrorists don’t? Such a comforting notion, Joe. Hypothetically, if that dirty bomb goes off in a major U.S. city or a middle east war breaks out involving nuclear powers, I’ll try to focus on the fact that General Powell said President Obama was ready. Geez!!

Second, John Kerry, of Swiftboat fame, apparently has adopted his wife’s ability to let one comment slip here and there, which regrettable statement is quickly out and unfortunately irretrievable. Senator McCain wears “Depends?” Nice, Senator Kerry – you are the model of tolerance. As my grandfather used to say, what an arrogant, horse’s patooty!

Third, John Murtha, whose ability to flap his lips knows no bounds and is rarely fact-dependent, then dumps on the fine people of western Pennsylvania one more time — just in case you didn’t catch him last week when he called them ‘racists.’ This week, they’re just ‘rednecks.’ And, to think, John Murtha hails from the fine state of Pennsylvania. Wow, what a representative!! These arrogant, bloviating bags of hot air are some of the best the Democrat party has to offer. Ouch. I’ll take Joe the Plumber any day over these stooges and I am probably not the only one. Right, Senator Obama?