Peter Torkildsen, the chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party (and yes there actually is one here in MA), stepped down today from his position. Although he has done well, considering the circumstances, for some time in MA, I believe it was due time for him to resign. We lost our most viable politician, Romney, and are past Republican governors are hiding, unless it’s Bill Weld, jumping ship for Obama. The Mass GOP hasn’t done a great job in identifying the next generation of GOP activists and believe me, we are out here. We haven’t devoted enough support to the candidates we do have; people can say “well its Massachusetts, and it’s a Democratic and liberal state, we don’t have much of a chance” and I don’t believe that at all. I believe we have plenty of people who believe in our ideals, but aren’t given the candidate to stand behind. I speak with people on a daily basis, who explain to me how they were unhappy with both candidates of choice, and they stayed home instead of voting.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from watching Dems in MA, it’s about having the grassroots operations. I watched Deval come from nowhere to build a ground force and power him past a couple Democratic bigs here, Reilly and Gabrieli. What I want in my next party chairman, is someone that is going to build that ground game, get out there, speak to the people and involve them, let them know how we’re going to change this mess called Massachusetts with less government spending and taxation, a halt to government growth and start consolidation, challenge the unions that are taking advantage of the state, start instituting some values, and lastly listen to the citizens when they speak.

1.104 million people voted for McCain in this state. Let’s concentrate on that number and expand it. Let’s find those that didn’t vote due to dissatisfaction, let’s find those that are disengaged from the arena, let’s find those that may not agree with everything we stand for, but want the leadership only we can provide.

Knowing there aren’t many who want to volunteer for that role, I’ll gladly nominate myself. I am young, inexperienced, but I am energetic, intelligent, and I’m ready to fight for my conservative principles and challenge the sickening status quo of Massachusetts’ politics. RedState has been discussing how we can fight back and although MA may be a lost cause for some, put me on the front lines and let’s get to the battle.

  • Michael Ferragamo