I am a long time participant in this “community”, though often not prolifically read that much anymore. So I would designate these interspersed textual offerings more as public cogitation than front page competitors; a circumscription well deserved in my mind.

However it would be a monumental mistake to demote my views as designated or devoted to any particular point of view. More correctly, I advocate a set of inherent proclivities based on core principles which transcend party politics. That posture, I suspect, is not unlike a great multitude of our country and you, whom with I share ideals such as caring for our families, supporting our fellow man, loving our country and ensuring our bounty of freedom continues unabated. It is mere happenstance that such principles align with a particular party, since parochial mores are almost always more antecedent than resultant to greater society. We therefore form our commonality based mostly on preconceived perceptions, with some reservation for growth vis-à-vis principled education, debate and discovery. Specifically that latter point is not to be overlooked.

In the way of personal history, I came to this “Party” as an outsider. Born and raised a Democrat, with family members elected to local political positions, it was almost inconceivable to profess any contrarian point of view. But that changed for most of my family with the advent of Ronald Reagan. It was an unmistakable shift in values, policies and beliefs which juxtaposed the seemingly immutable with the possible and righteous. Reagan communicated this principled stand more precisely and acutely then ever before. However, he was also assisted by the Democratic Party principle abandonment, which unarguably continues to contemporary times. This made the choice; between growing big government, dependency, high taxation, anti-military postures, socially destructive philosophies- and the Republican antithetical positions, all the more easily made. That undemocratic transformation, of the so-called Democratic Party, was and continues to be a monumental forsaking of common sense and is grotesquely opposed to our precious Republic’s purpose.

In these contemporary times we face multitudinous crises and stark, very different choices. It is certainly made more difficult as we try to manage our lives against a backdrop of what seems to be common uncertainty; remember my purposeful use of “common” for it is the despicable cudgel currently used against us. Also remember Thomas Jefferson said the following;

The people cannot be all, and always, well-informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.”

Our spontaneous reflex is to reach for “change”, which we believe will provide guidance anew; but I submit the current semantics require we forget the road already traveled. Accordingly, we can, and will, truthfully debate the cause of what has brought us to this juncture. But in that retrospection and indeed, introspection, we need not abandon the reasons for our success as a nation to the wistful, ill founded opines of a specious predator. This would truly be a departure from real “hope” as it places faith in that which is converse to liberty and our free society. Think about it; when has more government ever solved your problems? When has it ever given you back liberties stolen? What good has ever come when government sets you against your neighbor or brother, using their possessions and success specious motives? Indeed, overarching government and its proliferators take all and preys upon the very people it is duty bound to protect.

Witness, who amongst us plays on popular dissatisfaction as a means of pushing agendas despicably disguised as freedom. That one would use this opportunity as a means of placing us at odds with each other, under the guise of bringing us together, is without question ignominious and disingenuous. Who would use such detestable methods to divide our fellow Americans as a means of furthering their own hidden agenda? Why would someone masque their own tendencies and beliefs, surreptitiously providing solutions which rely on concentrating power in those representing the cause of our suffering? With the far reaching contemporary power now vested in government, these actions move us even further away from liberty using our common dissatisfaction as a cudgel against future proliferation of true democracy.

Surely, these qualities have nothing in common with those who care about our country and future. Does this include you? Ask yourself, are you willing to forgo our common bonds and sacrifice liberty at the expense of your neighbors? How long before your neighbor becomes you? Is this the country of opportunity or one of classes, dependence, misdirected envy and punishment for success? I for one will follow my heart in this election and side with freedom. For the opposite will certainly lead to a new tyranny; and we should not go quietly.