John McCain has made some powerful enemies of late, none more so that the majority leader of the United States Senate, Dingy Harry. That’s Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) to those of you who respect the man.

His hometown paper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal , asked Reid about Joe Lieberman, and Dingy Harry defended his old friend:

“He has a close personal relationship with John McCain. I don’t fully understand why he does,” said Reid, who said Lieberman called Tuesday from the Republic of Georgia to alert him to the move.”I told him last night, ‘You know, Joe, I can’t stand John McCain.’ He said, ‘I know you feel that way,’ ” Reid said.

But Dingy Harry promises that he won’t throw Lieberman out of the caucus over this. In fact, after praising Joe Biden, he excused Lieberman’s heartfelt policy positions:

“I have a good relationship with Joe Biden. I have great respect for Joe,” Reid said. “He was driven into some of the positions he’s in because the far left took him on in the primary. … I’ve done a lot to protect Joe Biden.”

You mean Joe Lieberman, right?

Reid, whose stream-of-consciousness speaking style often leads to such flubs, corrected himself.

Dingy Harry does stream-of-consciousness? Kewl! The James Joyce of the slots!

What about Obama’s veep pick?

“I have talked to Obama on quite a few occasions, mostly telling him who I didn’t want.”

Who else can Reid not stand?

Frank James as the Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp blog mentions that at least Reid didn’t call McCain a “loser,” as he once did President Bush to a group of youngsters.

After the attack on John McCain, a Vietnam veteran and prisoner of war, as a human being, I think it time that Obama tossed Dingy Harry under the bus. He has once again proven himself half-witted and hostile, not traits conducive to Hopechangehope.

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UPDATE: At the Hot Air blog, Allahpundit reports that Dingy Harry, who can’t stand John McCain, Reid and McCain attended a boxing match together in Las Vegas in 2004. Perhaps his hatred has developed since that point … ?