I have to remind you, and myself, that it is only the veep pick. When has any veep pick made a real difference in an election? Of course, when has any election been like this one? The Democrats have made history by nominating an African American, a half-term Senator, to head their ticket, and a blowhard plagiarist at #2; the Republicans have countered with a Navy pilot/P.O.W. and maverick at top complimented by a first-term governor from Alaska, a small government conservative who is the first woman on a major party Presidential ticket with a serious chance to win the election.

Listening to Governor Palin speak this morning, I came away with the impression that she clings to her God and to her guns, but evaporates Obama’s untrustworthy observation of bitterness. To many of us, she is one of us. She seems to be the kind of person whom Axelrod figured would be attracted to Obama with the addition of Joe “From Scranton, Darnit” Biden.

I know it is early, but I’ve observed people who said they were supporting McCain over Obama of a sudden enthusiastically supporting the Republican ticket. Is this the product of instant excitement, doomed to fade? Perhaps.

My measure — and many of you will understand this — is my wife. She is fired up. Last night, she asked me about Palin and I told her that I liked Palin, but she wouldn’t be the choice. For me, trying to read the thoughts of a Presidential campaign, it was mostly geography. Alaska? And inexperience. My wife was disappointed, but I told her that we’d never know for sure who it was until the name emerged from John McCain’s lips.

Sarah Palin can handle Joe Biden, which might actually matter given the media hype concerning McCain’s age. An interesting note is that Biden’s top debating skill is his condescension. He won’t be able to get away with that here.

Like I wrote last evening, I was prepared to accept Joe Lieberman as my party’s Vice Presidential nominee. He was a solid, workaday pick who made sense in several ways. Then I was prepared to support Pawlenty after that pick became rumored. What I saw today, however, changed the game.

Sarah Palin’s selection is a game changer.