For Sunday, December 21, 2008

FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace has a recently taped interview with Vice President Dick Cheney.

This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos has a recently taped interview with Joe Biden.

Meet the Press (NBC): Moderator David Gregory will talk to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, probably taped recently.

Face the Nation (CBS): Host Bob Schieffer will talk to Kerry Kennedy about her hyper-qualified cousin, Carolyn no-Schlossberg. He’ll talk to others about this matter: Representative Thomas Reynolds (R-New York), Geraldine Ferraro, Representative Gary Ackerman (D-New York), and Representative Peter King (R-New York).

Late Edition (CNN): Host Wolf Blitzer talks to Barney Frank, Eric Cantor, Laura Tyson, Carly Fiorina, and his usual cast of thousands.

Unless (or until) events shake things up, I’m beginning my Christmas vacation from these shows. The interviews and retrospectives are interesting and entertaining, but there is little or no news in them.

And if they find the temerity to interview the leader of one of these LGBT groups, with a side of fries. I’ll cover that. That would no doubt be awesome TV, in a perverse way.