Sunday, January 4, 2009


Opening ABC’s This Week, Israeli President Shimon Peres asserted that Israel had no desire to crush Hamas or occupy Gaza; rather, they wanted to eliminate terror.

Next up for host George Stephanopoulos was Dick Durbin, who appeared to indicate that he would be willing to seat Burris provisionally until the Senate could investigate and determine if Blago played by the rules in appointing him. That would be an easy out for Harry Reid from his self-made mess.

Then on TW, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell pointed out that half of the American public was represented by a Republican Senator, and the GOP would be a part of the process.

On FOX News Sunday, House Dem Leader Steny Hoyer said that the Obama Spending Package (stimulus) will not be “overloaded with earmarks,” but that he will not give the Obama Administration an “informal veto.”

Next up on FNS, former President George Herbert Walker Bush endorsed his son Jeb for the U.S. Senate if that is what Jeb wants: “I’d like to see him be President.”

On MTP, Harry declared that Senators can decide who can be a Senator and who cannot. He denied that he is a racist because a black woman was once his second choice to be a federal judge.

On FTN, host Bob Schieffer went through a partial list of the vacuous lefty lunatic howls and Vice President Dick Cheney withered them with calm and factual logic. So. There.

First on LE, Palestinian (Hamas) “negotiator” Saeb Erekat blamed Israel for attacking innocent Palestinians in Gaza. He called for an immediate cease fire so that the international community could sort things out.

Next up on LE, Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out that Israel could have done a Dresden on Hamas but sought to diminish civilian casualties.

Then Mark Sanford and Jon Corzine were Blitzer’s guest on LE. Corzine argued that Obama’s spending package was a “partnership with the federal government,” not a “bailout.” Sanford argued that it is daft to get the federal government to “solve” a problem by throwing money at it when the government was the root of the problem.

SHIMON PERES ON TW. On ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos’s first guest was Israeli President Shimon Peres, who explained that Hamas had been attacking Israel without cause or provocation but are now beginning to “feel the weight of their mistake.”

He indicated that Israel had no desire to crush Hamas or occupy Gaza; rather, they wanted to eliminate terror.

He blamed Iran for this mess, pointing out that the Islamic Republic was responsible for both Hezbollah and Hamas.

DURBIN ON TW. Next up on TW, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, a Dem, said that Israel’s incursion into Gaza was justified.

Durbin said that he’s known Blago-appointed Senator Roland Burris (D-Illinois) for twenty years; this matter is not about Burris but about “the process” (Blago) of appointing him. He indicated that the U.S. Senate has the Constitutional authority to ascertain if this appointment was done in a proper manner.

Durbin seemed to indicate that he would be willing to seat Burris provisionally until the Senate could investigate and determine if Blago played by the rules in appointing him. That would be an easy out for Harry Reid from his self-made, lip-flapping mess.

Durbin expressed outrage that Blago would accuse Harry Reid of having called him and told him not to nominate various African-Americans. He accused Blago of “flailing in every direction.”

MCCONNELL ON TW. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell was next for Steph. He reminded the host that half of the American public is represented by a Republican Senator and the Republicans want to be a “part of the process.” The Republicans, McConnell said, want to see that the Obama Spending Package is not just a huge spending bill, but actually addresses the problems it should resolved. One thing which the Republicans want to ask, he indicated, was do they really want to create that many new government jobs.

McConnell called for immediate middle –class tax relief. He suggested that it might be a good idea to lend money to the States which request it; this way, they could spend it the way it was needed and some States wouldn’t need anything.

McConnell suggested that a quicker way to handle this would be to look at the Omnibus appropriations bills passed in October. It is ready now and it has already been vetted by both sides.

McConnell suggested that a special election is needed for the vacant Senate seat from Illinois. He agreed that the Israeli action in Gaza is justified.

HOYER ON FNS. On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace’s first guest was House Dem leader Steny Hoyer, who agreed with House Republican leader John Boehner call to make the debate on the Obama Spending Package in the public light. He insisted that the Dems have already held scads of public hearings on the package.

“This is not a bill we want to see overloaded with earmarks,” Hoyer insisted, but then he blew off Wallace’s suggested that they give the Obama Administration an “informal veto.”

Hoyer said that he will vote to release the second half of Hank Paulson’s stimulus money but that Dems are angry that it has bailed out Merrill Lynch when the company’s executives take vacations. Hoyer called for “restraint, oversight, mortgage relief.”

FORTY-ONE ON FNS. Wallace next talked to former President George Herbert Walker Bush, who wants his son home and away from the snipes. (He and Barbara are “not good sports” about hearing their some trashed, the elder Bush intoned, and the mentality which blames everything on him is “grossly unfair.”)

He endorsed his son Jeb for the U.S. Senate from Florida if that is what Jeb wants, adding: “I’d like to see him be President.” (He understands that this won’t be for a little while, what with so many Bushes in that office of late.)

He’s going to jump from an airplane to mark his 85th birthday to prove that “old guys can still do stuff” other than drooling and “sucking your thumb in the corner.”

REID ON MTP. Host David Gregory talked to Harry Reid. Right off the bat, Reid demanded that Hamas have a “peace arrangement” with Israel, much like Fatah has.

David Gregory accused both Rod Blagojevich and Roland Burris of “defying” Harry Reid’s power. Reid added that Blago was a “corrupt individual” who appointed Burris only to distract attention from his own arrest. He said that “Mr. Burris is tainted,” but hid behind Obama and said that it was nothing personal.

Gregory pointed out that Blago has been formally accused and/or convicted of nothing and is legally the governor of Illinois. Reid countered that Congressman Danny Davis was offered the job but turned it down because he thought it would be tainted.

Reid said that he and Durbin will meet with Burris on Tuesday, and he hopes that Blago steps down by then and Pat Quinn can appoint someone. He will not seat Burris, he said, because all precedent indicates that the Senators – “Democrats and Republicans” – are the ones who determine who is allowed to sit in the Senate and who isn’t. Gregory mentioned a Los Angeles Times editorial which pointed out that the Constitution nowhere says that the Senators can exclude another Senator because of the “unrelated wrongdoing of the governor making the appointment.” The editorial used the case of Adam Clayton Powell in Powell v. McCormack, 395 U.S. 486 (1969). Reid declared that the case did not apply now, because it dealt with Powell’s qualifications to be a Congressman while this case deals with Blago’s fitness to appoint a Senator. Gregory asked him where in the Constitution he’s given the power not to seat Burris, and Reid said that “we determine who sits in the Senate.”

Gregory asked Reid if the real problem here was that he thought Burris might not be reelected in 2010. Reid said that he was not that way with Governor Ritter in Colorado or David Paterson in New York. Reid said that he told Blago only that he should “make sure you give us someone who could hit the ground running.” Gregory asked Reid about his conversations with Blago, during which Reid told Blago that he should not appoint Jesse Jackson Jr, Danny Davis, or Emil Jones, all blacks. Reid accused Blago of “making all this up.” He pointed out that he’s served with two blacks from Illinois: Carol Mosley Braun and Barack Obama.

Reid said that he personally went to the Clark County district attorney’s office “to find a nobody” – he stressed “nobody” — named Rawlinson a judge, and she now sits on the 9th Circuit. And she is a nobody, according to Reid. “I did that myself!” In actuality, though Gregory did not mention this, Rawlinson was Reid’s second choice, after his first choice, a white, female U.S. attorney Kathryn Landreth, withdrew her named from consideration.

From the piece linked above:

“It’s interesting that all those who are viable are white women and the ones who are unacceptable are black men,” Prince Riley, a senior consultant to Burris, told Politico.

Gregory did mention the quote to Reid, who dismissed it because doesn’t know who Prince Riley, is.

VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY ON FTN. In the studio, live, with host Bob Schieffer was Vice President Dick Cheney. Israel did not seek clearance with the United States to invade Gaza. Schieffer asked him if the invasion were a mistake, and Cheney said that one must remember that the enemy is a terrorist organization called Hamas. Schieffer asked him if they should seek a ceasefire, and Cheney pointed out that they cannot “go back to a status quo ante.”

Cheney thinks “we’ve done some very good things” in the past eight years, listing protection from terrorist attacks, education, prescription drug benefits, etc.

Cheney thinks Iraq “is much better off than they were in ’03, when we went in.” He said that we made a “miscalculation” when we underestimated the extent to which Saddam had crushed the spirit of the Iraqi, their willingness to step forward and lead. Schieffer insisted that we needed more troops, but Cheney discounted that it would have made a difference. Schieffer asked “how did we get this song wrong.” Cheney said that we got a lot right. Schieffer said “NO WMD.” Cheney faulted the intelligence. Schieffer insisted that Cheney “looked at the intelligence and saw what you wanted to see,” rather than making a reasoned analysis of it. He was pulling out the vacuous lefty lunatic howls, perhaps to have Cheney address the nonsense. Cheney pointed out that we agreed with the world on the intelligence. We agreed with Saddam on the intelligence, as he thought he had WMD.

Cheney called the surveillance program “one of the great intelligence success stories.” It was all done with the President’s Article II authority, and no one’s civil rights were violated.

SAEB EREKAT ON LE. First up for Wolf Blitzer was Palestinian (Hamas) “negotiator” Saeb Erekat, who called Israel’s response to the Hamas attacks, “disproportional.” He called for a cease fire in Gaza brokered by Egypt in June of 2008.

Erekat wants to “stop all forms of attack against Gaza” so that the international community can sort it out. He asserted that the Palestinians had no army, navy, or air force. He did not mention the rockets.

Erekat would not blame Hamas for the problem, saying he was not there “to point fingers,” then he pointed his wagging finger at Israel.

BIBI NETANYAHU ON LE. After a break, Blitzer talked to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu explained that the “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza was caused by the Hamas rocketing, and Israel must make sure that Hamas does not use a cease fire to reload and begin firing again.

Netanyahu explained that there is no political “opposition” in Israel right now. He told Blitzer to imagine hearing air raid sirens in Washington every hour, every day, and he’d have to run to the nearest shelter. He pointed out that Israel could have done what Britain did to German cities in WWII – firebombing – which he did not criticize based on the circumstances, but that Israel was doing its best to diminish civilian casualties.

Blitzer asked how ascared Netanyahu is of making Hamas more politically popular by Israel’s actions. He isn’t.

CORZINE AND SANFORD ON LE. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford (R) and New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine (D) were Blitzer’s next guest to discuss the economic crisis. They both agreed that Israel had to defend herself.

Blitzer played a clip from Obama’s weekly YouTube address. Sanford said that Obama’s comments caused him believe that Obama would repeat President Bush’s mistakes of bailout after bailout, throwing taxpayer money at problems that cannot be solved in that way. Corzine countered that we need a “strategic, short-term solution” to the problem. He wants a trillion dollars spent over two years, lest there be a “tremendous consequence on human beings” if we don’t make jobs for people and “educate our children.”

Sanford said that the incorrect assumption is that the federal government can solve the problem. The federal government, he said, was “at the root of the problem.”

Corzine said that this was a “partnership with the federal government,” not a “bailout.” He insisted, “We are making the tough choices!” He called for giving Obama a “line item veto” to reduce pork in the plan. (Steny argued against this on FNS. See above.)

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